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Remediation Services

Threat Remediation, Endpoint Recovery


Your network has been breached — now what?

The question plagues small businesses and enterprises alike. With the malware-as-a-service (MaaS) market quickly expanding, hackers leveraging advanced attack techniques, and insiders accidentally exposing your network by falling for phishing campaigns, it’s a near-certainty your business will eventually suffer a breach.

When that breach occurs, preparation is key: A Day One incident response (IR) plan streamlines your response and ensures the right people have the right resources to do their jobs — but what about remediation? How do you secure a network under threat and get back to business as usual? Start with CrowdStrike.

First Steps
Proven Results
Back In Action

Remediation can’t begin until an attack is under control, and the longer attackers are in your system, the more damage they can cause. The result? You need remediation techniques ready to deploy proven containment techniques Day One, Minute One after an attack is detected. CrowdStrike’s remediation services fill this need by leveraging proven techniques to quickly surround and disarm malicious code, putting your IT team back where it belongs — in control.


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