Announcing CrowdTour: Bringing the Power of the Crowd to a City Near You

At CrowdStrike, we take pride in the collective power we harness alongside our customers and partners to safeguard organizations and stop breaches. It’s profoundly rewarding to empower this community — the true champions on the cybersecurity front lines — as they defend against ever-evolving and accelerating threats. This is the Power of the Crowd in action: everyone at CrowdStrike, our customers and our partners, collectively innovating to reshape the future of cybersecurity.

To that end, we are delighted to unveil CrowdTour, a new series of global events that celebrates this united effort. Starting this week, the CrowdTour series will spotlight our customers, our heroes, as they share real-world stories of stopping breaches faster and more efficiently with the CrowdStrike platform. Together, we are not just participants but active contributors in a shared mission to stay one step ahead of today’s adversaries.

“The Falcon platform has allowed us to work more efficiently so we can spend more time focused on strategic work rather than hunting down false positives. The higher efficacy and unified threat intelligence are a game changer for our security team.”
– Assaf Afek Levy, CISO, GFL Environmental

We’ll be visiting cities around the world from Toronto to Sydney — and plenty of others in between — from late May through early July 2024. We’d love to see you there. There’s going to be something for everyone; whether you’re brand-new to CrowdStrike or you’ve been using the Falcon platform for years. You might be a CISO, a SOC analyst, a cloud security architect or IT professional — regardless of your role, you’ll learn from your peers and our experts to help you protect your organization against today’s threats.

Here are the key cities and 2024 dates — click to register and find out more:

Each CrowdTour program will start with an overview of CrowdStrike’s AI-native platform, and how our market-leading technology and threat intelligence continues to evolve to help keep organizations and their customers safe. The key findings in the CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report can give you an idea of the challenges today’s businesses are up against:

  • 2 minutes, 7 seconds: fastest recorded eCrime breakout time in 2023
  • 75%: year-over-year increase in cloud intrusions
  • 75%: percentage of attacks used to gain access that were malware-free
  • 34: number of newly named adversaries in 2023, bringing the total to 230+

Each city will showcase several of our amazing customers, such as Atlassian, BMW Group, Domino’s Pizza and Indeed, as they discuss how CrowdStrike’s technology and experts play a key role in their business resilience.

CrowdTour attendees will have the chance to attend breakout sessions, participate in hands-on workshops and gain a deeper understanding of the Falcon platform to achieve their outcomes, from modernizing cloud security to SOC transformation and building an AI-native SOC.

Security is a team sport and needs an ecosystem. We are delighted to have partners from across the cyber landscape taking part in CrowdTour. Attendees will learn more about the role of different technologies in building a more robust cybersecurity posture and how our ecosystem is critical to a Next-Gen SIEM strategy.

“The Falcon platform adds visibility across the security and cloud teams to increase efficiencies.”
– Josh Sewell, Infrastructure Security Engineer, Indeed

At CrowdTour, meet your fellow protectors and share experiences and best practices with your local community. We have plenty of happy hours, industry roundtables, guest speakers and experiences on the calendar for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world.

We look forward to bringing the Power of the Crowd to your community, and we would love to see you at a CrowdTour this spring and summer.

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