Greenhill Uses CrowdStrike to Maintain Solid Protection With Limited Internal Resources [VIDEO]

Greenhill and Co. is a leading independent investment bank and financial advisory firm with 15 offices worldwide. As a mid-market company, it doesn’t have the internal resources to manage a full-time security function. Over the past 17 years, CIO John Shaffer has built up the company’s infrastructure and pioneered its security program. In this video, he explains how CrowdStrike has become a crucial part of his security team.

This video explains that Greenhill was facing increasing challenges from a tightening regulatory environment (including the EU General Data Protection Regulation implemented in May 2018) and from the blurring line between business and personal device use. Greenhill first relied on the CrowdStrike® Falcon® platform for its detection and forensics capabilities, eventually expanding its deployment to include complete endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Falcon Complete Provided a Holistic Approach

More recently, Greenhill has added Falcon Complete, CrowdStrike’s comprehensive security program, to provide the holistic approach it was looking for. Falcon Complete added a team of security experts to handle every aspect of CrowdStrike’s endpoint security technology for Greenhill, assisting with all tasks, including deploying and managing the Falcon platform from the initial onboarding and configuration stages, to prevention health checks, maintenance and operations, incident triage and hands-on remote remediation. “Adding managed services to our CrowdStrike deployment made it even more valuable,” Shaffer said. “The team has been incredibly responsive. One of the benefits is that when we have a technology or process question, we are guided by the CrowdStrike engineers that work on it all day, every day. Without that support, we would be doing that on our own…and it would be trial by fire.”

The Falcon Single Lightweight Agent Was a Key Factor

Greenhill is also impressed with how easy the Falcon platform was to deploy. Among security solutions, the CrowdStrike platform’s lightweight single agent is one of the strongest draws. “We had a great experience with deployment. When we first started with the product, we were just using it for forensics and analysis. We had the system running in an hour,” Shaffer recalls. “The agents continually update — we never have to push out additional updates, they just do it. And then, as we moved into utilizing CrowdStrike for the AV replacement, it was there already — it was just turning on switches.”

CrowdStrike has significantly reduced Greenhill’s risk, and the firm now relies heavily on CrowdStrike’s technical expertise, beyond the protection the tool provides. According to Shaffer, “CrowdStrike is an extension of our security department. We really look to CrowdStrike to fill that gap that would take two or three people internally. We basically put the onus on CrowdStrike to make our security work.”

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