The Power of The Platform: Spring Release Extends The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform

Many folks that track CrowdStrike’s progress are well aware that in 2015 we proudly announced that Google lead an investment round of $100M.  After the round was completed, I had the opportunity to spend some additional time with our Google investment team and asked them one simple, but very important question.

“What was the number one reason you invested in CrowdStrike?”  

The answer from Google was direct and without hesitation:

“You have built a native cloud architecture and a true platform, not a point product, that is years ahead of your competition. A cloud delivered platform that sets you up to dominate the endpoint protection market over the next five years as people realize their on premise solutions are failing to protect against advanced malware and prevent breaches.”

I thought the answer was spot on and very insightful.  No surprise from a bunch of smart Googlers.  So why do I tell this story?  Simple.  Today marks the beginning of our platform expansion with the CrowdStrike Falcon Connect program.  This program is designed to allow others to interact with our robust APIs and build additional extensions and integrations into the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform.  At CrowdStrike we realize that we aren’t the only security product you have in your organizations.  One of our differentiators to our customers is that we don’t want to be their single pane of glass.  I know that may sound odd from a security vendor because the last five vendors all said the that they will offer you a “single pane” of glass.  However, at CrowdStrike we would rather create robust APIs that allow you to integrate our Falcon technology directly into your security fabric.  Exactly the way it should be.  This allows your security investment dollars to be leveraged, not wasted. You can read more about Falcon Connect here.

To demonstrate the power of our platform and the Falcon Connect APIs, we are also delighted to announce the release of CrowdStrike Falcon Orchestrator. This is the first on premise application to take advantage of our platform.  It was designed to showcase the integration of our APIs.  Falcon Orchestrator delivers out-of-the box integrations to better enable CrowdStrike Falcon Host customers to enhance their next-generation endpoint protection capabilities, including, but not limited to, incident response, security forensics, remediation, asset monitoring, and alert management.  Best of all we have decided to open source Falcon Orchestrator.  I am really excited to see where we can take this.  Some of our customers who have used Falcon Orchestrator were giddy about its capabilities as well as extending it for their own needs.  Since it is community focused, any extensions can be shared back for the benefit of others. Download from CrowdStrike GitHub repository.

Finally, I wanted to call out some additional enhancements we made to our ransomware prevention capabilities.  Having a cloud-based approach driven by the CrowdStrike Threat Graph™ (the brains behind our cloud) is tailor-made for stopping ransomware for two reasons:  Indicator-of-attack, and machine learning.  CrowdStrike utilizes both as part of the enhanced next-generation antivirus capabilities we announced today to block ransomware families such as Locky, Cerber and Teerac, among others. You simply cannot use a signature-based approach and expect to stop all ransomware attacks that change literally by the minute. Only with an indicators-of-attack (IoA) approach delivered with the speed and collective analytical punch of the Threat Graph can you be proactive in stopping ransomware attacks before they happen.  By adding our machine learning algorithms to the mix, companies can use our Falcon Host to block not only previously unknown ransomware families, but also new and emerging script-based ransomware that do not use executable binaries to encrypt the systems of victims. By using a cloud-driven approach to endpoint security like CrowdStrike offers, customers only spend money to stop something from happening, instead of also spending money to undo something that’s already happened.

Cloud-delivered endpoint protection. Open sourced solutions. APIs. Indicators of attack. Machine learning. All of it can be summed up in one phrase:  Stop breaches.

To our existing customers, thank you for your support and helping to drive our roadmap to deliver the very best endpoint protection on the market.  Your feedback has been invaluable!  To our prospects, if you spend 60 minutes going through a demo, you will undoubtedly say the same thing almost every prospective customer says: “Wow – I had no idea Falcon had all these capabilities and I get prevention too!”  

You don’t have time to waste.  Next Gen AV + Endpoint DVR + 24×7 Managed Threat Hunting.  Click here to set up a demo with our team and find out for yourself what “next generation endpoint protection” really is.

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George Kurtz

The CEO and co-founder of CrowdStrike, George Kurtz is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, security expert, author, and speaker. He has more than 26 years of experience in the cybersecurity field, driving revenue growth and scaling organizations across the globe, most recently leading CrowdStrike’s IPO. Co-author of the all-time best-selling “Hacking Exposed” book series, his previous roles include serving as worldwide chief technology officer at McAfee and co-founder of the pioneering cybersecurity firm Foundstone.


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