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Protecting Healthcare Organizations from Cyber Attacks

CrowdStrike brings the power of cloud-delivered endpoint protection to healthcare

As a healthcare provider, sharing patient information across your organization is critical to delivering high-quality patient care. However, it introduces significant risk and a degree of complexity. The reality is that health information is becoming increasingly valuable. It is immensely valuable to both the patient and their physicians and healthcare providers as they engage in treatment. Unfortunately, the very personal nature of this information has made it a very attractive and valuable attractive target to cybercriminals.

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Rethinking Security for Healthcare

The CrowdStrike Falcon platform provides a single, integrated solution that unifies next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (EDR), managed threat hunting, IT hygiene, and threat intelligence.

The Scourge of Ransomware

Ransomware is problematic to all organizations, but especially healthcare. A recent industry report indicated that 88 percent of all ransomware attacks are directed at hospitals.


The Challenge:

Healthcare providers are struggling to adequately protect endpoints against increasingly sophisticated and damaging ransomware."

The Solution:

CrowdStrike Falcon uses an array of techniques to protect against ransomware.

Blocking known ransomware to weed out common threats with minimum effort.

Exploit blocking to stop the execution and spread of ransomware via unpatched vulnerabilities.

Machine learning for detection of previously unknown, or zero-day ransomware.


To combat this escalating level of threat sophistication, CrowdStrike Falcon uniquely combines multiple methods into a powerful and integrated approach that protects endpoints more effectively against the menace of ransomware.

Resources for Healthcare Organizations

Case Study

Learn how this managed healthcare provider used CrowdStrike to defend against commodity and advanced targeted attacks.
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HIPAA compliance

CrowdStrike Falcon has been independently validated to assist healthcare organizations addressing eight separate key HIPAA security requirements.
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Solution Brief

CrowdStrike offers a comprehensive range of services -- all focused on helping healthcare providers avoid the theft of valuable patient information.
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Learn how CrowdStrike can help organizations protect themselves against the threat of advanced attacks and assist with HIPAA compliance.
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Many healthcare executives readily admit their IT staff is extremely challenged in the daily fight to prevent the next breach. Moreover, they often lack experienced and skilled cybersecurity professionals to respond to and mitigate attacks. Leverage the expertise of CrowdStrike Services to:

Assess current security plans and processes to identify critical areas for improvement

Identify and eject attackers with a speed-to-remediation measured in hours and days, not months

Augment your IT staff to prepare for and stop the next breach


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