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CrowdStrike Cloud Security

Gain unified cloud security posture management and market-leading breach protection for
cloud workloads and containers designed for any cloud, in a single platform.
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Think It, Build It, Secure It with CrowdStrike Cloud Security

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    Everything you need in a single cloud-native security platform

    Eliminate the headaches of integrating point products. Gain real-time visibility, detection, and response to prevent data breaches, and ensure compliance in a unified platform that creates less work for security teams and optimizes cloud deployments.

  • Discovery, Visibility and Compliance for any cloud

    Discovery, Visibility and Compliance for any cloud

    Gain visibility into your entire cloud infrastructure, continuously monitor for misconfigurations, ensure security policy and compliance enforcement, and proactively detect and prevent threats enabling DevSecOps teams to “shift left” and fix issues before they reach production.

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    Protect workloads, hosts and containers

    Build and run applications knowing they are protected. Get access to automated discovery, runtime protection, EDR for cloud workloads and containers, and managed threat hunting on a single lightweight agent enabling you to securely deploy applications in the cloud with greater speed and efficiency.

Unified Cloud Security

Stopping breaches using cloud-scale data and analytics requires a tightly integrated platform. Each function plays a crucial part in detecting modern threats, and must be designed and built for speed, scale and reliability.

CrowdStrike Cloud Security goes beyond ad-hoc approaches by unifying everything you need for cloud security in a single platform to deliver comprehensive protection from the host to the cloud and everywhere in between.

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Technical Features

How CrowdStrike Protects the Cloud

CrowdStrike's experience in operating one of the largest cloud implementations in the world, provides us with unique insights into adversaries. This enables us to deliver purpose-built solutions that create less work for security teams, defend against data breaches and optimize cloud deployments including:

container usage dashboard in the falcon platform


  • Single source of truth: Delivers comprehensive visibility of cloud assets, security configurations, workloads and containers across multi-cloud environments so you can mitigate risks and reduce the attack surface.
  • Discover cloud resources: Provides details automatically upon deployment, including misconfigurations, metadata, networking, security and change activity.
  • Deep insights: Visibility into workload events and instance metadata enables detection, response, proactive threat hunting and investigation, ensuring that nothing goes unseen in your cloud environments.
  • See more, know more, do more: Enables to detect and investigate attacks that span multiple environments and different types of workloads, pivoting from endpoint to instances to containers.
  • Eliminate security blind spots: Identifies cloud resources not protected by the Falcon Platform

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  • Assess and validate: Compares the most common to the most complex cloud application configurations to industry and organizational benchmarks, to identify violations and remediate in real time.
  • Fix issues that leave cloud resources exposed: Identifies and remediates risks such as misconfigurations, open IP ports and unauthorized modifications with guided remediation and guardrails that enable developers to avoid critical mistakes.
  • Real-time monitoring and guided remediation: Provides step-by-step remediation rules so you can to act quickly and eliminate issues.
  • Monitor storage: Ensure permissions are secure and not publicly accessible.
  • Monitor database instances: Verifies that high availability, backups, and encryption are enabled, as well as security groups to limit exposure.

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screenshot of a container protection tree in falcon platform


  • EDR for containers: Secures the host and container via a single Falcon agent running on the host, and runtime protection defends containers against active attacks.
  • Rapid investigation: Investigate container incidents easily when detections are associated with the specific container and not bundled with the host events.
  • Monitor and capture everything: Captures container start, stop, image and runtime information and all events generated inside the container, even if it only runs for a few seconds.
  • Proactive threat hunting: Once deployed, Falcon immediately begins to record container details and activity, enabling proactive threat hunting where security teams can hunt, get query results in seconds and easily pivot from one clue to the next.
  • Continuous availability: Event details that provide forensic evidence and a full set of enriched data are continuously available, even for ephemeral containers after they have been decommissioned.
  • Uncover hidden threats: An easy-to-read process tree provides full attack details in context for faster and easier investigations.

How CrowdStrike Protects Linux Hosts



  • Predict and prevent modern threats: Ensures real-time protection via CrowdStrike Threat Graph®, the industry’s most comprehensive sets of endpoint and workload telemetry, threat intelligence and AI-powered analytics.
  • Access enriched threat intelligence: Delivers a visual representation of relationships across account roles, workloads and APIs to provide deeper context for faster more effective response.
  • Deep AI and behavioral analysis: Identify new and unusual threats in real time and take the appropriate action, saving security teams valuable time.
  • Accelerate response: Arms your responders in real time via Threat Graph, empowering them to understand threats immediately and act decisively.
  • Targeted threat identification and management: Cuts through the noise of multi-cloud environment security alerts reducing alert fatigue.

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  • Automate: Provides powerful APIs that allow automation of CrowdStrike Falcon® functionality, including detection, management, response and intelligence.
  • Enable SOAR: Unlocks security orchestration, automation and other advanced workflows to optimize business performance.
  • Support CI/CD pipelines: Integrates easily with Chef, Puppet and AWS Terraform to support CI/CD workflows.
  • Single data source: Enables your security teams with fast access to everything they need to respond and investigate.
instances by cloud provider


  • Completely cloud native: Built in the cloud for the cloud, Falcon reduces the overhead, friction and complexity associated with protecting cloud workloads and meeting compliance.
  • One platform for all workloads: It works everywhere: private, public and hybrid cloud environments
  • Unified visibility and control: Provides central visibility over cloud security posture and workloads regardless of their location, via a single console.
  • Complete policy flexibility: Allows you to apply policies at individual workload, group or higher level and unifies policies across both on-premises and multi-cloud deployments
  • Scales at will: Requires no rearchitecting or additional infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive support: The Falcon platform supports Open Container Initiative (OCI)-based containers such as Docker and Kubernetes and also self-managed and hosted orchestration platforms such as GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), EKS (Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service), ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service), AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and OpenShift.

Cloud Security Solutions



    Provides comprehensive breach protection across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, allowing customers to rapidly adopt and secure technology across any workload.

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    Provides multi-cloud visibility, continuous monitoring and threat detection, and ensures compliance enabling DevOps to deploy applications with greater speed and efficiency – cloud security posture management made simple.

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  • Container Security

    Container Security

    Accelerates critical detection, investigation and threat hunting tasks performed on containers — even on ephemeral containers after they have been decommissioned — enabling security teams to secure containers at the speed of DevOps without adding friction.

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Product Validation

Customers That Trust CrowdStrike

Third-Party Validation

Since 2016, CrowdStrike has demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous industry collaboration, scrutiny, and testing. Time and time again, CrowdStrike has been independently certified to replace legacy solutions.

  • Positioned as a Leader

    Download this complimentary report to learn the analysis behind CrowdStrike’s positioning as a Leader and what CrowdStrike believes it could mean for your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

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  • Named a Leader

    Read this critical report to learn why CrowdStrike was named a “Leader” in the 2019 Forrester Wave with the top ranking in strategy and high scores in 17 criteria.

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    Learn why CrowdStrike scores highest overall out of 20 vendors for use case Type A or “forward leaning” organizations.

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Visit the third-party evaluations page to see how CrowdStrike performed against the industry’s most rigorous tests and trials.