Shift-Left to Build Safer Applications
Cloud Security at the Speed of DevOps

Falcon Cloud Security helps developers securely build and deploy applications with minimal impact to workflows

Build applications faster and address issues at the earliest stages of development

Faster remediation for DevSecOps

Enhance team efficiency by rapidly identifying and resolving misconfigurations and vulnerabilities before code deployment. Gain real-time visibility and remediation for threats at runtime to ensure comprehensive security throughout the software development lifecycle.

Intelligent container & Kubernetes security

Leverage CrowdStrike’s world-class threat intelligence to achieve superior detection and prevention of adversary attacks., We ensure you have the fastest, most accurate way to stop adversaries on any cloud, across all workloads, containers, and Kubernetes applications.

Security from code to cloud

Secure workloads effortlessly without sacrificing performance. Secure code at production and scale it rapidly with award-winning runtime security. Implement application security posture management (ASPM) for continuous monitoring and improvement of security posture across cloud deployments.

Securing containers and Kubernetes from code to runtime

Falcon Cloud Security enables developers and security teams to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities in code before deployment, while monitoring for misconfigurations and threats at runtime.

Built for the speed of DevOps
  • Scan for risks at scale: Scan 10+ IaC platforms across major cloud providers with enhanced CLI tools to quickly and easily run configuration scans while allowing you to create custom exclusions, so teams can focus on priority issues.
  • 1500+ out-of-the-box policies: Easily validate your template against expected code, checking for embedded secrets and misconfigurations, then use the provided code to quickly remediate to speed up development timelines.
  • Collaborate and validate across teams: The IaC tool allows developers to easily scan code for compliance before deployment and rescan to ensure the correct code is used, while quickly sharing audit results with security teams for better collaboration.
Accelerate development with industry leading integrations
  • Integrate with the tools you use: Seamlessly integrate with Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, and more to remediate and respond faster within the DevOps toolsets you already use. Take advantage of the most integrations in the industry with over 16, designed to meet your particular organization's needs.
  • Accelerate secure app delivery: Dynamic container analysis checks for malware, abnormal network behaviors, runtime threats and ensures container images free of vulnerabilities
  • Improve collaboration, reduce risk: Using role-based access controls, developers and security teams can share only the most relevant logs to ensure faster more accurate collaboration while limiting unnecessary exposure.
Ensure compliance and prevent exploitation
  • Automate and ensure container compliance: The Kubernetes Admission Controller automatically ensures all non-compliant containers remain out of production until they’re corrected, and lets teams manage all policies and containers in a single tool.
  • Reduce malicious exploitation: Drift Indicator Analysis ensures consistency and lets teams automatically stop containers from spinning up that contain malicious executables, while also providing zero day vulnerability detection for all containers.
  • Container runtime protection: Falcon Cloud Security leverages AI and Machine Learning paired with industry leading threat intelligence to build unique cloud IOAs (Indicators of Attack) and IOMs (Indicators of Misconfiguration) to detect and stop threat actors and ensure critical applications can run safely with minimal risk to the business.

The Falcon Platform by the numbers


of security events monitored weekly


of IOA protections every minute


of containers protected

Falcon Cloud Security Customer Stories

During peak shopping times, Target’s infrastructure must scale to support millions of transactions per second. This requires a cybersecurity platform that delivers both endpoint-to-cloud protection and ultra high performance.”

Jennifer Czaplewski, Senior Director, Cybersecurity
@ Target

"Now with CrowdStrike, we can remediate any cloud intrusion in less than 16 minutes, which puts our minds at ease, while ensuring a great user experience for our clients.”

Kevin Tsuei, SVP Information Security Officer