CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Identity-based security, visibility and least-privilege enforcement for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Simplify cloud entitlements and prevent identity-based attacks

Unify cloud visibility and least-privilege enforcement

Extend your cloud visibility and deliver a single source of truth for identity security and integrated CIEM monitoring.

Prevent identity-based threats around the clock

Secure cloud identities and permissions, detect account compromises, and prevent identity misconfigurations, stolen access keys, insider threats and malicious activity.

Expansive Identity Threat Protection

Extend visibility across your broader identity infrastructure and stop identity-driven breaches in real time.

Unlock total control of cloud access and permissions
  • Gain complete visibility into cloud resources, and observe the relationships between access and permissions.
  • Improve security and asset management with real-time point queries for incident response and optimize your security posture with comprehensive analytical queries.
  • Enhance security management by consolidating user data across all accounts. Quickly spot disabled multifactor authentication (MFA) and excessive permissions.
  • Simplify resource access management using resource-based policies to clearly define user access levels and actions, providing swift visibility into associated resources and permissions for each account.
CIEM image
Implement least privilege across clouds
  • Minimize risk by applying the principle of least privilege and efficiently assess Identity and Access Management (IAM) users, roles, and permissions across all cloud accounts.
  • Ensure robust cloud security by monitoring accounts for excessive or unused permissions. Detect suspicious permission escalations, and conduct comprehensive audits of actions allowed per resource, user, group, and role in cloud services.
  • Identify and address security risks by eliminating unwanted access and risky permissions, such as identity misconfigurations and cloud entitlements.
CIEM map
Unify identity threat detection and response from the Falcon platform
  • Get comprehensive identity threat detection and response (ITDR) that spans complex environments including identity, cloud, endpoint, data, and workloads.
  • Detect suspicious lateral movement — including hybrid lateral movement — and anomalous authentication traffic in real time.
  • Enforce risk-based, conditional access to stop adversaries in their tracks and empower user productivity.
  • Support an identity security posture management (ISPM) framework to prevent identity-based attacks proactively.
CIEM radar

Falcon Cloud Security Customer Stories

“Cloud is a big part of our future. CrowdStrike has given us the security baseline patterns we need to have to make sure that as we move into the cloud, the infrastructure that we are setting up is secure from the outset.”

Mick McHugh,
CISO, Tabcorp

“CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security helps us swiftly assess our environment, address gaps, and respond in real-time.”

Anthony Cunha,
Deputy CISO, Mercury Financial