Incident Response for Cloud

Respond to a cloud security breach with speed and precision.

Adversaries are targeting cloud platforms

Threat actors are constantly trying to exploit ineffective cloud configuration settings to gain access to data and disrupt workloads.

Adversaries have their heads in the cloud

Adversaries are targeting dynamic cloud environments to exfiltrate sensitive information.

Threat actors exploit weak settings

Ineffective cloud security settings are the leading cause of cloud data breaches.

Eradicate the threat actor
from your cloud environment

active threats

Contain the active cloud threat from further malicious activity.

cloud investigations

Accelerate the investigation of a cloud security incident.

Stop cloud
data breaches

Stop cloud breaches from disrupting your business operations.

Incident Response
for Cloud

The CrowdStrike Services Cloud Incident Response team is composed of specialists drawn from industry, government and military dedicated to providing expert cloud incident investigation, containment and remediation services. These experts are capable of supporting comprehensive multi-cloud and on-premise investigations.

  • Deployment support for the CrowdStrike Falcon® sensor on your cloud platforms and containers
  • Collection of cloud artifacts with forensic investigation and analysis
  • Visibility into malicious actions executed by the threat actor
  • Containment of the active threat and ejection of the threat actor from the network
  • Recommendations to improve your cloud security posture

Why choose CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike brings the experience gained from building the world's largest cloud-native security cloud to help you protect your cloud environments.

Seasoned cloud

CrowdStrike’s dedicated team of IR cloud specialists have engaged in hundreds of cloud security incidents on leading cloud platforms.

technology platform

The Falcon platform accelerates the collection and investigation of cloud artifacts that inform the investigation.


CrowdStrike specialists and the Falcon platform enable rapid response, investigation and containment of cloud security incidents.