Cloud Security Posture Management

Comprehensive security enforcement, visibility, and compliance across the entire hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

CrowdStrike is recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leader in the 2022 Frost Radar™️: Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform, 2022 report. CrowdStrike was also named a Winner in the 2022 CRN Tech Innovator Awards for the Best Cloud Security category. Both accolades underscore CrowdStrike's growth and innovation in the CNAPP market. Learn more >

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Visibility, security posture, and compliance in a single and unified platform

Falcon Cloud Security delivers threat detection, prevention and remediation, while enforcing security posture and compliance across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It empowers organization and security teams with unified visibility and security consistency to stop breaches faster and more efficiently.

Unify visibility and security enforcement across multi-cloud environments

Falcon Cloud Security delivers continuous agentless discovery and visibility of cloud-native assets from the host to the cloud, providing valuable context and insights into the overall security posture and the actions required to prevent potential security incidents.

Prevent cloud misconfigurations and eliminate compliance violations

Falcon Cloud Security provides intelligent agentless monitoring of cloud resources to detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and security threats, along with guided remediation to resolve security risks and enable developers with guardrails to avoid costly mistakes.

Continuously detect and prevent cloud control plane and identity-based threats

Falcon Cloud Security's adversary-focused approach provides real-time threat intelligence on 150+ adversary groups, 50+ IOA detections and guided remediation that improves investigation speed by up to 88%, enabling teams to respond faster and stop breaches.

Cloud security made simple

Cloud discovery and visibility

  • Single source of truth: Get up and running in minutes and access a single source of truth for all cloud assets across multi - cloud environments and accounts.
  • See everything: Discover cloud resources and details upon deployment, including misconfigurations, metadata, networking, security, access control and change activity, and eliminate security blind spots.
  • See the attack path: Visualize any attack path with context and user logon data from across endpoint, cloud and runtime data.
  • Simplified management and security policy enforcement: Manage and enforce security group policies across accounts, projects, regions and virtual networks from a single console to reduce the attack surface.
  • Monitor the control plane: Scale at will and gain insight into all control plane API calls and uncover security risks within managed Kubernetes clusters.
  • Identify unprotected resources: Identify cloud resources not protected by Falcon and take immediate action in 1 click, to deploy the correctly configured sensor or simply monitor with snapshot.
Cloud security posture management discovery

Misconfiguration management & remediation

  • Eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations: Compare cloud application configurations to industry and organizational benchmarks, to identify violations and remediate in real time to ensure application availability.
  • Guided remediation from security experts: Find and fix issues that leave cloud resources exposed — such as misconfigurations, open IP ports and unauthorized modifications — with guided remediation and guardrails that enable developers to avoid critical mistakes.
  • Enforce permissions: Monitor storage to ensure permissions are secure and not publicly accessible.
  • Prevent identity-based threats: Reduces the number of tools required from 3 to 1 and prevent users from putting your organization at risk by automating the detection and remediation of identity-based risks in Azure and AWS.
  • Secure Azure AD: Ensure Azure AD groups, users and apps have the correct permissions using the new Identity Analyzer reports.
  • Reduce alert fatigue: Remediate issues faster and reduce SOC costs with enhanced policy management for cloud accounts, regions or specific resources.
  • Ensure resilience: Monitor database instances and verify that high availability, backups and encryption are enabled, as well as security groups to limit exposure.

Real-time threat detection

  • Accelerate response: Reduce the time it takes to detect and mitigate a breach from months to minutes with an adversary-focused approach that cuts through the noise with 50 out-of-the-box IOA policies designed to stop breaches save time and allow DevSecOps teams to take the most effective action.
  • Confidence scoring and prioritization: Falcon Cloud Security's Crowd Scoring Confidence Scoring methodology continuously aggregates, assesses and scores control plane threats and configurations to accurately identify malicious activity, reducing the time to understand and respond.
  • IOA for cloud with Integrated threat intelligence: Delivers real-time alerting and reporting on 200+ cloud adversaries based on CrowdStrike’s market leading threat intelligence and research, for more effective response.
  • Continuous control plane threat detection: Provides ML and behavior-based TTP/IOA detections and guided remediation for all cloud accounts, services and users across the cloud estate and improves investigation speed by up to 88%.
  • Self-service threat hunting: Provides cloud-scale data and analytics for all cloud activity, enabling security teams to proactively uncover hidden threats and take action.
CSPM real time threat protection

Identity-Based Security and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

  • Predict and prevent identity-based threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Visualize, investigate and secure all cloud identities and entitlements
  • Simplify privileged access management and policy enforcement
  • Perform one-click remediation testing prior to deployment
  • Integrate and remediate at the speed of DevOps
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Continuous compliance monitoring

  • Continuous compliance monitoring: Continuously monitor the compliance posture of all of your cloud resources from a single console and flexible dashboard.
  • CIS benchmark assurance: Enables you to assess the security of cloud accounts against Docker and Kubernetes CIS benchmarks with 250 out-of-the-box adversary-focused policies saving time and reducing operational costs.
  • Audit-ready compliance: Continuously monitor the compliance of all of your cloud resources and avoid costly fines from a single console and dashboard for regulations including PCI, NIST, SOC2, CIS and more.
  • Eliminate compliance violations: Identify policy violations and take immediate user-driven action to remediate.
CSPS continuance compliance

DevSecOps integration

  • Improve decision making: With SIEM integration, streamline visibility for security operations and provide insights and context into misconfigurations and policy violations for faster incident response.
  • Integrate at the speed of DevOps: Using the single API, achieve faster integration and remediation within the DevOps and collaboration tools you already use, such as email, Slack, PagerDuty and more.
  • Fuel business performance: Through reporting and dashboards, drive alignment and a shared understanding across security operations, DevOps and infrastructure teams.

Cloud integrations

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Cloud security posture management

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CrowdStrike is proud to be recognized a leader by industry analyst and independent testing organizations.

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Learn more about how CrowdStrike won the 2022 CRN Tech Innovator Award for Best Cloud Security.

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Learn why Frost & Sullivan ranked CrowdStrike as a leader in Cloud-Native Application Security Platform (CNAPP).

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CrowdStrike received the highest possible score in the scalability and in the execution roadmap, and among the second highest in the partner ecosystems securing workloads criterion in the 2022 Forrester Wave™ for Cloud Workload Security.