CrowdStrike 2023 Global Threat Report: Executive Summary

From relentless adversaries to resilient businesses

The CrowdStrike 2023 Global Threat Report, a highly anticipated annual intelligence report for the global security community, examines the relentlessness of today’s adversaries and the persistence required to stay a step ahead of them. Based on frontline observations from CrowdStrike’s elite threat intelligence team, the report highlights notable themes, trends and events across the cyber threat landscape.

Over 200 adversaries are attacking companies across the globe. And they’re moving faster than ever before.

Read the executive summary of this year’s report to learn how adversary activity evolved in 2023 and gain in-depth analysis of key findings including:

  • 33 newly named adversaries in 2022
  • 71% of attacks in 2022 were malware-free
  • 95% increase in cloud exploitation
  • 112% increase in access broker advertisements on the dark web
  • 84-minute average eCrime breakout time

An intelligence-driven defense is the foundation of a strong security strategy. Review a year of explosive, adaptive and damaging threats, and take a look ahead at how the threat landscape is predicted to evolve in 2023.

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