Buyer’s Guide to Modern Endpoint Protection

Achieving Next-Generation Protection

Protecting endpoints is one of the most critical security challenges in today’s organizations and must be prioritized at the highest levels of a robust cybersecurity strategy. According to IBM, “various studies estimate 90% of successful cyberattacks originate at the endpoint,”1 with the ultimate objective of launching identity-based attacks to move laterally without being detected. Remote and hybrid work arrangements — and the rapid deployment of new infrastructure — have increased risk to endpoints in both volume and reach.

Current and traditional solutions for detecting and blocking threats at the endpoint have proven ineffective against today’s sophisticated threat actors. CrowdStrike has created this guide with a checklist of the must-have features and capabilities for a modern endpoint protection strategy. Download this guide to learn why your endpoint protection solution must:

  • Be designed to enhance analyst workflows while prioritizing resilience against threats throughout the entire attack life cycle
  • Include AI as a foundational element to help predict and prevent threats effectively
  • Have a scalable, cloud-native platform that can stay ahead of modern attacks
  • Have the ability to consolidate with a single security platform that’s easy to deploy and manage


1 IBM, “What is endpoint security?”

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