Compromise Assessment

Identify current or past threat activity missed by the silent failure of existing security technology with a CrowdStrike®️ Compromise Assessment.

The challenge

Traditional cybersecurity solutions fail to identify today’s advanced persistent threats, allowing attackers to go undetected while they move laterally across your systems exfiltrating data and intellectual property.

Silent failure

For many organizations, the time to detection for an intrusion or attack can be prolonged due to blind spots and silent failure of their current cybersecurity solutions.

Breakout time

Today’s sophisticated attackers can breach your network and breakout across your systems in as little as 20 minutes to achieve lateral movement without detection.


The threat landscape continues to evolve with stealthy, sophisticated attacks regularly evading the security technology and expertise of many organizations.

Don't be a victim of silent failure

Adversaries use sophisticated techniques to go undetected in your network for weeks even months at a time.

  • Identify active (or past) threat activity
  • Uncover privilege escalation
  • Detect lateral movement
  • Stop silent failure

The benefits of a Compromise Assessment

  • Minimize dwell time
    Learn if attackers have breached your defenses and are moving unnoticed in your environment.
  • Reduce risk
    Receive a thorough analysis that reduces the risk of attackers stealing financial assets, customer data or intellectual property.
  • Improve security
    Proactively identify ineffective security practices that are putting your organization at greater risk.

Experienced a breach?

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The approach

It is clear that experiencing a cyberattack against your organization is not simply a question of “if” but rather “when.” Achieving cybersecurity readiness requires a new detection and response strategy, one focused on proactively hunting for evidence of existing or past compromise.

outline of compromise assessment process

Why CrowdStrike?

Skills and expertise

The CrowdStrike Services team has unrivaled expertise and skills, having recruited the top experts from within the world of cybersecurity, incident response, forensics and operations to conduct compromise assessments. The team provides unique insights into the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by today’s most skilled adversaries.

Technology and tools

The Falcon platform allows immediate, real-time visibility into your environment, identifying potential compromises and allowing you to work on eliminating them. This offers a significant advantage over standard compromise assessments, which use classic forensics-based approaches that scan only for indicators-of compromise (IOCs).

Methodology and approach

CrowdStrike combines both expert analysis of historical forensic evidence and real-time threat detection and hunting, allowing the team to search for attacker activity on the endpoint and in the network. This visibility into what has happened in the past, as well as what is happening right now, is key to understanding how to defend the environment and reduce risk going forward.