CrowdStrike Named Overall Leader in Industry’s First ITDR Comparative Report

KuppingerCole gives CrowdStrike the top overall position and a perfect score in every category in its inaugural identity security report.

The industry’s first identity detection and response (ITDR) analyst report names CrowdStrike an Overall Leader and a “cyber industry force.”

In KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) 2024: IAM Meets the SOC, CrowdStrike was named a Leader in every category — Product, Innovation, Market and Overall Ranking — and positioned the highest for Innovation among all eight vendors evaluated. We received the top overall position in the report and a perfect 5/5 rating in every criteria, including security, functionality, deployment, interoperability, usability, innovativeness, market position, financial strength and ecosystem.

CrowdStrike pioneered ITDR to stop modern attacks with the industry’s first and only unified platform for identity protection and endpoint security powered by threat intelligence and adversary tradecraft — all delivered on a single agent. The market has continued to recognize our leadership, with CrowdStrike being positioned furthest to the right of all eight vendors evaluated in KuppingerCole’s report.

Figure 1. The Overall Leader chart in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass, Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) 2024: IAM Meets the SOC

A Leader in Innovation

In 2023, 75% of attacks used to gain initial access were malware-free, highlighting the prevalence of identity-based attacks and use of compromised credentials. Since releasing CrowdStrike Falcon® Identity Threat Protection in 2020, CrowdStrike has been constantly innovating on the product to deliver a mature solution that stops modern identity attacks.

In the report, CrowdStrike was positioned furthest to the right and highest in Innovation, demonstrating our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. “CrowdStrike is a cyber industry force, and its Falcon Identity Protection demonstrates real attention to detail where threats are related,” KuppingerCole states.

The cloud-native architecture of Falcon Identity Protection is another point of differentiation, delivering the speed and scale that businesses need, with minimal hardware requirements.

“Offered as a cloud-native SaaS service, Falcon Identity Protection component requires a minimal on-premises footprint, requiring only a lightweight Falcon sensor on the Active Directory (AD) domain controllers. This architecture also enables packet-level inspection and real-time alerting of suspicious events,” states the report.

CrowdStrike Focuses Where Threats Are

In our mission to stop breaches, CrowdStrike focuses where identity threats often originate: in Microsoft identity environments. This is reflected in the report, with KuppingerCole describing Microsoft environments as “the entry point to attack vectors.”

“Falcon Identity Protection excels at its deep coverage of Microsoft environments, including on-premises AD and Azure-based environments. The coverage ranges from aging AD protocols for domain controller replication, to password hash synchronization over AD Connect, to Azure based attacks on Entra ID,” states the report.

CrowdStrike’s protection of Microsoft identity stores extends into specific product features and services that KuppingerCole also highlighted in its report.

“Given CrowdStrike’s long history in InfoSec and SOC practices, Falcon Identity Protection offers unique features to help bridge identity administration performed by IT and identity security. It does this by providing guidance to InfoSec personnel who may not have deep knowledge of AD and Entra ID.”

With these features and our continuing emphasis on stopping identity-based attacks on Microsoft environments, KuppingerCole said CrowdStrike delivers “very strong protection for Microsoft environments” in its report.

Delivered from the Unified Falcon Platform

CrowdStrike firmly believes ITDR is a problem that cannot be addressed in isolation by point products. Of all of the vendors evaluated in the report, CrowdStrike is the only one that delivers identity security as a capability tightly integrated into a unified platform.

Our innovative approach of combining endpoint and identity protection into the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon® platform with a single agent, powered with threat intel and adversary tradecraft, is key to stopping identity breaches in real time. The unified approach is shown to accelerate response time with projections calculating up to 85% faster detection of identity attacks and lower total cost of ownership, delivering up to $2 million USD in savings over three years.

Another CrowdStrike advantage is our extensive partner network that delivers industry-leading capabilities such as real-time response as part of Falcon Identity Protection.

“The company’s API ecosystem offers REST and GraphQL APIs for most of its functionalities, including real-time response to identity threats. This approach not only offers compliance with current tech standards but also portrays CrowdStrike’s forward-thinking strategy, promising near-term enhancements to further open up their platform.”

The Future of Identity Security

With this report, CrowdStrike is the proven leader in identity threat protection, parallelling our industry leadership in endpoint security, cloud security, managed detection and response, threat intelligence and risk-based vulnerability management.

Thanks to all of the CrowdStrike customers that use our platform every day to stop breaches. We’re committed to delivering the best technology and services on the market for you!

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