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#1 MDR in global market share

CrowdStrike has been ranked #1 in global MDR market share two years running for a reason. With unparalleled telemetry and threat intelligence, award-winning native AI, and highly-skilled threat hunters and security analysts, only CrowdStrike delivers the comprehensive, always-on vigilance needed to stop today’s advanced attacks.

Highest detection coverage

CrowdStrike Falcon® Complete MDR achieved the highest detection coverage in the first-ever MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluations for Security Services Providers. This closed-book evaluation is as close as it comes to simulating real world attacks, and CrowdStrike MDR shined!

Industry's only complete remediation service

Unlike our competition, CrowdStrike never abandons you at critical moments of the response or saddles you with costly IR add-ons or hidden service fees. CrowdStrike’s MDR response capability is inclusive and truly end-to-end, surgically remediating every identified threat on your behalf — including full clean-up and restore without downtime or reimaging.

Compare CrowdStrike MDR to Competitors

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Fastest deployment for immediate protection
The most powerful MDR on the market delivers accelerated time-to-value with comprehensive platform and agent management. Get protected in minutes with no reboot or cumbersome re-architecture required.


Lengthy onboarding that results in protection gaps
Inconsistent scoping and arduous implementations with custom configurations hamper many MDRs as they struggle to deploy and deliver immediate value.

24/7 Augmented Expertise

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24/7 protection, wherever you are
Falcon Complete MDR embeds elite, human expertise into every facet of our always-on service. We deliver 24/7 threat vigilance, hunting, investigation, and response to thousands of customers worldwide.


Restricted business hours, limited coverage
Many MDR services limit their standard service protection to normal business hours. But adversaries never sleep and often plan their attacks during weekends and holidays when you’re more likely to be understaffed.

Threat hunting and intelligence

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Global leader in threat intelligence
We deliver world-class threat intelligence that powers the entire Falcon platform. This includes the latest indicators of compromise (IOCs), adversary attribution, and an automated malware sandbox, all within a single user interface. Falcon Complete also includes proactive, 24/7 threat hunting with a human-led, hypothesis-driven approach to uncover the stealthiest and most sophisticated adversarial tradecraft.


Lagging threat intelligence and hunting
Other MDR services offer check-box threat intelligence functionality primarily built on third-party feeds that deliver minimal value while costing more. With only a fraction of the IOCs, no adversary attribution, and no adversary tactic discovery, the security value of this threat intelligence is little to none.

Response and remediation

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The industry’s only end-to-end surgical remediation
We’re the only MDR service that delivers surgical threat remediation in true end-to-end fashion — including full cleanup to original state without costly reimaging or downtime.


Incident containment with “guided response”
Other MDR services fail to close the response workcycle. Instead, they turn the event back to you to evaluate the severity of the threat and execute the necessary remediation actions, extending the time you’re exposed and adding more hassle.

Managed XDR (MXDR)

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First MXDR service with integrated remediation
The broadest MDR coverage across critical attack vectors: identity, cloud, email, network and more for rapid cross-domain detection and remediation of stealthy, advanced attacks. We’re the only MDR vendor with dedicated managed identity protection to stop the compromised credential attacks seen in over 80% of cyberattacks today.


Partial MXDR across siloed point solutions
Other MDR services attempt to deliver a managed XDR service by patching together multiple siloed point solutions or by locking you into their limited product and service ecosystems.

Breach Prevention Warranty

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Extensive, no-red-tape Breach Prevention Warranty
We pioneered the inclusive, no-red-tape CrowdStrike Breach Prevention Warranty. Backed by AIG, one of the most trusted names in cyber insurance, our warranty provides broad primary coverage with more generous time reporting requirements than other vendor-provided warranties — all at no additional cost.*


Limited warranty coverage with hidden fine print and opt-outs
Few MDR services offer comprehensive breach prevention warranties at no additional cost to customers. And for those that do, their warranties are often riddled with fine print, limited, and act as secondary, backup coverage with strict 24 to 48-hour time to report requirements.

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Parkway School District

Montage Health

What customers say about Falcon Complete MDR

In the year we've had CrowdStrike Falcon Complete MDR it has already prevented multiple major security incidents. The people we have worked with have always been professional and very helpful, making sure we get the most out of it.
The value for the money that CrowdStrike offered was hard to challenge. Also, we found that CrowdStrike managed services have a level of maturity nobody else could match.
  • John Baldwin, Senior IT Manager
  • Pella

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*The breach prevention warranty is not available in all regions.