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CrowdStrike Introduces Humio for Falcon, Redefining Threat Hunting with Unparalleled Scale and Speed

Humio for Falcon provides long-term, cost-effective data retention with powerful index-free search and analysis of enriched security telemetry across enterprise environments

AUSTIN, Texas and RSA Conference 2022, SAN FRANCISCO – June 6, 2022 – CrowdStrike (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data, today introduced Humio for Falcon, a new capability that extends data retention of CrowdStrike Falcon® telemetry for up to one year or longer, enhancing threat analytics and threat hunting abilities for organizations while helping them meet compliance requirements.

Humio for Falcon brings together an industry-leading security platform in CrowdStrike Falcon®, with the powerful search capabilities of CrowdStrike’s centralized logging offering, Humio. The new capability gives security teams the ability to store security and IT telemetry from the Falcon platform, which is enriched and contextualized across endpoints, workloads and identities to address the challenge of operationalizing the ever-growing volumes of data. Humio for Falcon helps security teams analyze and act on all data – both real-time and historical data – in their environment. With longer data retention due to advanced compression of ingested data, security teams can uncover and detect potential threats within their environments with deep, contextual analytics and sub-second search results at any scale through a modern, index-free architecture.

“While the data available to threat hunters and incident responders grows at an exponential rate, they are routinely forced to reduce the duration they can store this information,” said Michael Sentonas, chief technology officer at CrowdStrike. “Humio for Falcon solves this problem by delivering scalable and cost-effective data retention that enables threat hunters and incident responders to look back and see if and when an adversary was active in an IT environment and reconcile every system they touched. It’s truly a game-changer in the industry.”

Humio for Falcon provides:

  • Threat hunting and troubleshooting at unprecedented scale: By retaining Falcon data for extended periods of time, security teams can proactively search and uncover hidden threats in the environment with sub second speed, remove advanced persistent threats (APTs) by sifting through the data to detect irregularities that might suggest potential malicious behavior and better prioritize and address vulnerabilities before they can be weaponized.
  • Longer data retention to help meet compliance requirements and reduced cost: With scalable storage and advanced compression techniques, customers can store and manage Falcon data for one or multiple years, based on customer requirements. This wealth of real-time and historical data enables completeness and accuracy of investigation and analysis, resulting in faster threat remediation.
  • New user interface (UI) dashboard visualization for fast and custom search: Feature-rich query language and index-free searches allows security teams to run queries on Falcon data and get immediate answers. Get the ability to seamlessly ingest, aggregate and search through massive security and IT telemetry and gain valuable, contextual insights with sub-second latency searches for meeting real-world security requirements, including advanced threat and vulnerability investigations.

“With Humio for Falcon, we were able to save approximately $150,000 in the first year,” said Tom Sipes, director, IT security and compliance at Tuesday Morning. “Also, the ability to save data for an extended time period is critical. When we detect an indicator of compromise, we can go back in time and analyze the entire attack chain to accelerate investigations and pinpoint issues more quickly.”

Additional Resources

  • For more information on Humio for Falcon, please visit our blog.
  • To watch a Humio for Falcon demo, please visit this page.
  • Did you know? Humio can ingest over one petabyte of data per day. Humio was also named “Log Analytics Solution of the Year” by the Data Breakthrough Awards for 2022.

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