Artificial Intelligence CrowdCast Series


What’s AI Got to Do with Me? How AI Helps You Stop Modern Attacks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become more mainstream than ever in our digital world. From virtual chatbots and autonomous flying to retail and advertising, AI and ML drive new insights and shape new experiences. But what exactly does AI and ML do for you when it comes to cybersecurity and preventing breaches?

Join Joel Spurlock, Sr. Director, Malware Research at CrowdStrike for this webinar, where you will:

  • Hear how AI and ML are defined, and how they can be powerful tools, in the context of cybersecurity (when applied correctly!)
  • Learn about various use cases that show how AI and ML can be applied to address challenges
  • Understand how to distinguish between various solution providers’ AI/ML capabilities
  • Discover CrowdStrike’s unique approach, from how data is collected and labeled, to training and testing world-class models that offer advanced threat protection and stop breaches



Caught in the Act: How AI-Powered IOAs and Behavioral ML Detect Advanced Threats at Runtime

Many organizations today use machine learning (ML) for malware classification and static file analysis. While this can be useful for detecting and responding to file-based threats pre-execution, adversaries continue to evolve their methods. Today’s attacks more often use malware-free or fileless attacks, which have rapidly grown to represent over 70% of all attacks.

Join CrowdStrike’s Joel Spurlock, Sr. Director, Malware Research and Joe Faulhaber, Principal Engineer for a webinar where you will:

  • Hear how behavioral ML and AI-powered indicators of attacks help cybersecurity teams stay ahead of today’s adversaries
  • Discover how behavioral ML at runtime enables you to analyze adversary intent and movement, regardless of malware or tools used
  • See a demo of CrowdStrike’s ML and AI-power detection and investigation processes


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