Cyber Threat Intelligence Demystified

Proactively defend against adversaries targeting your business

Today’s security professionals recognize that threat intelligence is a critical component in their cyber toolkit, enabling them to proactively respond and pre-empt advanced threats. Yet many of these same professionals are having a difficult time understanding the array of threat intelligence solutions and how to best utilize them within their organizations.

This webcast addresses these challenges and highlights the importance of leveraging threat intelligence as a critical part of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Join CrowdStrike’s Director of the Strategic Threat Advisors Group, Jason Rivera, and learn how to get the most value out of threat intelligence by effectively applying it across your organization — from security operations to executive leadership.

Attend this webcast to:

  • Learn about the core components of threat intelligence 
  • Gain an understanding of the objectives you should seek to accomplish with threat intelligence
  • Learn how to leverage threat intelligence to support defensive platforms, the security operations center (SOC), vulnerability management (VM), threat hunting, and incident response (IR) functions 
  • Understand how to support leadership when making cybersecurity decisions 
  • Learn how integrating and automating threat intelligence with endpoint protection accelerates incident research, streamlines the investigative process and drives better security response

Featured Speakers

Jason Rivera

Director, Strategic Threat Advisor Group - CrowdStrike

For the past 14 years, Jason has led the development of cyber intelligence programs for Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies. Prior to his entry into the private sector, Jason served as an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army with assignments at the NSA and USCYBERCOM and also served in combat tours overseas. Jason holds a master’s degree in security studies and economics and is based out of Washington, D.C.


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