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Defending Against Threats Targeting the Mac Platform

CrowdStrike Falcon with next-gen AV protects your Mac-based organization

If your organization has moved to a Mac-based platform, or are considering it, you may be aware that threats targeting Mac devices are on the rise. A new webcast from CrowdStrike, "Defending Against Threats Targeting the Mac Platform" discusses how the increase in Mac adoptions has given rise to a new class of targeted threats and explains why standard security solutions can't protect you.

Join CrowdStrike security expert, Peter Ingebrigtsen, as he discusses why more companies are switching to the Mac platform, the new threats targeting Macs, and what you can do to better protect your organization.

Register and attend to learn:
  • Why more IT departments are switching to the Mac platform
  • How new threats targeting Macs are able to bypass standard security measures
  • How CrowdStrike's next-gen AV employs machine learning and behavioral analytics to defend against threats aimed at the Mac platform