Customer Story

Operational Efficiency Gains Empower CARE Ratings On its Journey of Digital Transformation


CARE Ratings is one of India’s leading credit rating agencies. Established in 1993, the company has played a pivotal role in supporting the country’s debt and capital market sectors. CARE Ratings is renowned for its use of technology to provide highly accurate credit assessments that incorporate near real-time analysis of domestic and global economic factors. A CEO-sponsored digital transformation of the company has been launched to incrementally drive business growth.


Ratings’ legacy signature-based endpoint protection solution was inflicting a significant burden on the company’s networks, servers and security team. To reduce workload and advance its digital transformation efforts, CARE Ratings wanted to minimize the amount of manual oversight involved in monitoring and securing the perimeter. The cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon platform provided the low-bandwidth, signature-less approach and AI and ML capabilities CARE Ratings needed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its defenses.


CARE Ratings was fully operational – with CrowdStrike Falcon® deployed across 1,000 endpoints, with the intuitive Falcon GUI enabling an accelerated learning curve and ongoing ease of use. The lightweight CrowdStrike agent deployed effortlessly across the company’s hybrid on-premises and cloudbased infrastructure and created immediate protection, including work-from-home and mobile employees.


Utilizing the centralized management capabilities of Falcon provides enterprise-wide visibility and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the CARE Ratings’ security team. Ravi Shankar, head of IT infrastructure for CARE Ratings, explained, “CrowdStrike has helped to simplify security operations with a single management dashboard across all functions.”

The minimal impact of the Falcon platform on network bandwidth and compute cycles instantly removed the overhead imposed by the displaced legacy endpoint solution. This resulted in enhanced end-user productivity and an ensuing acceleration in the overall responsiveness of the business. Integrated reporting and automated detection improved compliance across the organization and elevated the confidence of stakeholders.

With CrowdStrike, we can get right to the root cause of an issue. The solution is integrated, so threat information is shared with other products to prevent attacks.
Kiran Dhondkar, Head of Information Security
CARE Ratings
We selected CrowdStrike because of product quality and the company’s excellent service record. The easy integration of the platform with all the applications gives high comfort levels to our software development team. There’s no doubt that CrowdStrike is the global standard.
Manoj Thakur, Head of IT Applications
CARE Ratings

“We need technology to run autonomously, with minimal human intervention: CrowdStrike Falcon harnesses AI and ML to provide continuous protection across our highly diverse infrastructure with minimal effort. Our digital transformation is built on the principles of accuracy, scalability, and resiliency: CrowdStrike delivers these for us.” A Shiju Rawther Chief Information & Technology Officer CARE Ratings, Ltd.