Customer Story

Strong Partnerships Power Strong Defenses

“I think all of us see that we have to work together. It’s the only way we are going to combat the advanced threat actors out there,” said Kelly McCracken, SVP of Detection and Response at Salesforce.

According to Kelly, strong cybersecurity is built on partnerships. As more companies become connected, one security incident can have a downstream effect that can impact the entire world. With CrowdStrike, Salesforce has a partner that works closely with them to address their evolving security needs.

CrowdStrike empowers Kelly and her team to respond to incidents faster and move quickly to respond to potential threats, helping them fulfill their mission of being protectors of their customer’s data and their own. “I can always take a deep breath when I hear from my team ‘We’ve checked with CrowdStrike, it’s OK,’ and that has given me peace of mind.”