Customer Story

Vijilan Had to Turn Down Clients Due to Scaling Issues — Then Came CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale

At the forefront of cybersecurity is a group of individuals rarely known outside of IT circles. These security operations center (SOC) professionals, security data scientists and digital log forensics actively watch networks 24/7 — forming the last line of defense when hackers break through static defense systems like firewalls and antivirus software.

Unfortunately, SOCs and security information and event management (SIEM) systems are considerable investments that can cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars up front.

Enter Vijilan Security, a U.S.-based boutique cybersecurity company, specializing in state-of-the-art monitoring services. Vijilan provides IT managed service providers (MSPs), managed security service providers (MSSPs) and technology solutions brokerages (TSBs) with an opportunity to offer cost effective, comprehensive SOC monitoring solutions to businesses. Vijilan elevates these solution providers by safeguarding their clients against cyber threats and helping with compliance.

Drowning in Data

Vijilan was facing a major challenge with the growing amount of data generated by their clients’ networks. Vijilan CEO Kevin Nejad recognized that their previous log management system was no longer up to the task, citing performance issues and an inability to detect and respond to emerging threats in real time.

“Enterprises can have thousands of systems to monitor. In our case, that’s multiplied by 100x. You can see how quickly terabytes of data are generated,” said Nejad.

Nejad needed a modern log management platform that could scale with Vijilan’s growth and support their mission of providing seamless security services. The situation was critical and called for immediate action.

The Search for a Modern Solution

Falcon LogScale is CrowdStrike’s log management and observability solution. It prioritizes rapid ingestion and supports live streaming data, which made it ideal for a company like Vijilan that relies on fast, accurate responses to threats. By giving the company a simple and cost-effective way to collect logs for DNS, DHCP and email filtering endpoints, Falcon LogScale helped Vijilan “log everything” and therefore provide better services to their customers.

“Within a few hours of setting up and implementing Falcon LogScale, our people were blown away by the power and simplicity of the tool,” said Nejad.

Nejad elaborated on how the tool has helped their business. “Falcon LogScale has given us great insight and definitely improved our detection capabilities. Our operators and SOC analysts are loving it. Before, they had to get creative at identifying root causes. Now they have full visibility in seconds.”

Within a few hours of setting up and implementing Falcon LogScale, our people were blown away by the power and simplicity of the tool.
Kevin Nejad, CEO
Vijilan Security

New Sales Opportunities

Falcon LogScale transformed Vijilan’s security services by giving them live detection capabilities and the ability to collect all log data across all networks. But that wasn’t all. Vijilan shared the data collected in Falcon LogScale with their sales, marketing, finance and operations teams. This led to the development of a predictive analytics engine that anticipates customer behavior and helps Vijilan better retain customers by providing better service.

“Previously, we had to be selective with the data we shared with other teams. With Falcon LogScale, we can include everything,” said Nejad. “We couldn’t have found a better tool to deal with the large amounts of data we’re collecting.”

The performance boost Falcon LogScale gave Vijilan also improved their sales. Before switching to Falcon LogScale, Vijilan sometimes had to decline certain monitoring requests that would have added a whole new cluster to work. By increasing their data capacities using Falcon LogScale, Vijilan can now take on these large-scale jobs.

“It’s unfortunate we didn’t find Falcon LogScale earlier,” concluded Nejad. “Now that we have, it opens up new sales opportunities.”