Cybersecurity: A Key Risk Factor in Mergers and Acquisitions

CrowdStrike General Council Steve Chabinsky on assessing cyber risk during the due diligence process

Cybersecurity has emerged as a key risk factor during the due diligence process of any merger and acquisition. Just being part of an M&A deal – whether you’re the acquirer, seller, advisor, or vendor providing related services to a company involved in M&A – makes an organization an attractive target to hackers.

How should organizations on both sides approach the process? In this interview, Steve Chabinsky, general counsel and chief risk officer for CrowdStrike, shares key insights and recommendations to better prepare those involved in the review and vetting of cyber risks that could impact the transaction.

Download this interview transcript to learn:

  • How organizations on both sides can prepare for due diligence
  • Key risk factors to focus on
  • Potential cybersecurity “deal-breakers”


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