Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing SentinelOne for Workforce Identity Protection

Focus on a true platform approach with a unified view of threats across endpoints and identities

Following CrowdStrike’s footsteps, a number of EDR vendors have started expanding their offerings to include identity protection. This includes SentinelOne that announced a definitive agreement to acquire Attivo Networks in March 2022 and has since rebranded it as Singularity Identity. However, rebranding does not automatically make it part of a unified platform. There are multiple considerations ranging from product architecture, integration, speed of deployment to fidelity of detections, ability to provide real time protection and option to choose a fully managed offering that should drive your decision. We encourage you to do your own research and make sure you ask these important questions before choosing your identity protection solution.

  • Does the solution provide a truly unified view of threats across endpoints and identities using a single, unified sensor?
  • Beyond detection, will you get real-time protection from identity-based threats based on a flexible policy engine?
  • Does the solution offer a tight correlation between identity and endpoint signals to provide clear attack path visibility?
  • Does the solution provide the option to have a fully managed solution covering endpoints and identities with expert management, monitoring and remediation, and is it backed by an industry-leading Breach Prevention Warranty?
  • Is deception even the right strategy for your organization to get immediate real-time protection from AD attacks?

Download this brief to learn more and understand Falcon Identity Protection solution’s advantages over SentinelOne Singularity.


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