Modern Adversaries and Evasion Techniques: Why Legacy AV is an Easy Target


86% of eCrime actors use evasion techniques to bypass AV software

While legacy AV solutions do their job to a certain extent, adversaries have evolved to evade those solutions. Injecting code into processes and subverting trust controls are only a couple of the evasion techniques that adversaries are successfully using. Fueled by our threat intelligence, our recent eBook provides you insights on actual evasion use cases. 

Download the eBook to: 

  • Learn about 7 defense evasion techniques that legacy AV can’t stop 
  • Meet adversaries like MALLARD SPIDER, SCATTERED SPIDER and more who had success using evasion techniques
  • Gain insights from these use cases, like what they did and when, and what can help the situation

“I was a McAfee customer for 20 years before switching. It was like night and day, where McAfee is old technology, and CrowdStrike Falcon is new technology. … There is a really big difference.”
– Peer Spot Review



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