A Modern Approach to Confidently Stopping Data Exfiltration

Detect and stop theft of sensitive data

Organizations have been using several endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) tools over the past two decades, but many have challenges in confidently identifying sensitive data movement — from the origin to the destination — without impacting the user experience and business productivity. The average cost of a breach is increasing year-over-year, and it’s at $4.45M according to the 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report.

CrowdStrike Falcon® Data Protection takes a modern approach to securing your enterprise data from adversaries. While organizations have millions of transactions happening in the cloud, their employees can download data on their endpoints and move it to several other locations like web applications, cloud drives and USB storage devices. By combining content with context, organizations can gain deep real-time visibility into what is happening with sensitive data, including data artifacts, from the source to destination.

Download this white paper to understand how you can move away from content-centric DLP solutions, reduce deployment and operational complexity, improve the user experience, and achieve security consolidation with Falcon Data Protection.


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