Endpoint Recovery

Recover from a breach with speed and precision and get back to business faster with CrowdStrike®️ Endpoint Recovery Services.

The challenge

When a breach occurs, speed to remediation and recovery is critical to minimize the impact on business operations. Advanced persistent threats can quickly break out across your network, infecting your endpoints, moving laterally across your systems and disrupting your business.

Persistent attacks

Sophisticated cyberattacks often establish multiple points of undetected persistence in your network in order to infect your systems with malware or steal sensitive data over a prolonged period of time.

Advanced threats

The threat landscape continues to evolve, with stealthy, sophisticated attacks regularly evading the security technology and expertise of many organizations.

Business interruption

Traditional recovery methods from advanced persistent threats rely on reimaging and rebooting endpoints from backup images, which can disrupt the end users and cause business downtime.

Get back to business faster

Achieve active containment quickly with the power of real time response and recovery.

  • Contain active threats
  • Delete malicious files and processes
  • Restore registry entries
  • Recover endpoints with speed and precision

The benefits of endpoint recovery services

  • Stop attacks immediately
    Immediately eradicate threat actors and prevent any further attempts to compromise the environment.
  • Recover endpoints rapidly
    Rapidly identify persistence vectors and mass remediate malicious artifacts with speed and precision.
  • Minimize business disruption
    Restore normal business operations efficiently and effectively without having to reimage or reissue devices.

What CrowdStrike delivers

CrowdStrike Endpoint Recovery Services is available in 30-day increments to enable the fast recovery of endpoints across your network. In addition, CrowdStrike monitors your environment using the global security expertise of the Falcon OverWatch™ team to prevent any new or recurring attacks.

  • Prevention
    Within the first 24 hours of an engagement, the rapid deployment and configuration of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform begin, with powerful prevention policies to immediately stop the execution and lateral movement of active attacks
  • Recovery
    Over the next 72 to 96 hours, the CrowdStrike Services team leverages the Falcon platform to analyze attacks and actively remediate and remove any memory-resident malware, persistence and other active attack components.
  • Monitoring
    The OverWatch threat hunting team monitors for attack techniques designed to bypass even the best security technology and communicates directly with the recovery team when attacker behavior is observed and remediation is required

Experienced a breach?

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Why CrowdStrike?


Every second counts when under attack and the ability to quickly deploy the Falcon platform to your endpoints and contain the attack within hours can be the difference between success and failure.


Surgically remove persistent threats from your endpoints using the Real Time Response capabilities of the Falcon platform to kill processes, delete malicious files and run recovery scripts at scale.


Recover your infected endpoints quickly and efficiently with minimal impact to your business users and zero downtime across your business operations.