Security Program in Depth Assessment

The CrowdStrike® Security Program in Depth delivers a detailed assessment to determine the maturity of an organization’s overall information security program.

The challenge

Information security technologies and processes are continuously evolving and it is challenging for most organizations to keep up with the latest developments.

Measuring maturity

You may not be measuring how your organization's cybersecurity maturity compares against known best practices.

Understanding gaps

Day-to-day security operations make it difficult to recognize and understand any gaps in your security program.

Continuously evolving

Security operations, technologies, and processes are continuously evolving making it a challenge for organizations to keep pace.

The benefits of a Security Program in Depth

  • Wide aperture
    Combines a wide-aperture view and detailed examination of key security functions.
  • Business case
    Highlights the areas of greatest risk and build the business case for improvements.
  • Security guidance
    Determines the current state of your security and provides guidance on achieving your desired future state.
  • Reduce risk
    Provides a prioritized plan to reduce security risk with impactful improvements.

What CrowdStrike delivers

The Security Program In-depth Assessment is a broad, detailed approach to improving your organization’s information security capabilities and maturity.

  • Engaging workshops
    Engaging, interactive workshops with CrowdStrike experts provide information on your existing security program and offer an opportunity to share best practices.
  • In-depth reporting
    Receive a detailed, tailored report based on the workshops, documentation analysis and follow-up discussions. This reporting highlights the areas of greatest risk and will help build the business case for improvements.
  • Prioritized areas for improvement
    CrowdStrike’s assessment provides a prioritized plan to reduce your organization’s security risk with impactful improvements.
  • Falcon platform enrichment
    CrowdStrike analyzes your environmental data, gathered through the Falcon platform, to highlight technical hygiene issues and inform the reporting.

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Why CrowdStrike?


Get unrivaled expertise and skills drawn from CrowdStrike’s experience with security operations, incident response, endpoint recovery and forensic analysis.

Depth of analysis

Receive detailed analysis of CrowdStrike findings with accurate and meaningful improvement plans and recommendations for enhancements.

Methodology and approach

CrowdStrike’s approach includes interactive workshops that promote open dialogue and an insightful understanding of the strengths and opportunities for improvement.