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When Adversaries ATT&CK™


Cybercriminal trends for 2018, seen through the lens of the MITRE ATT&CK framework

The CrowdStrike ® Falcon OverWatch™ threat hunting team has a unique vantage point on today’s threat landscape. The team’s new report, “Observations from the Front Lines of Threat Hunting,” provides this perspective with an in-depth discussion of today’s most sophisticated cyberattacks, compiled by expert hunters working at the forefront of cyber defense.

This webcast, “When Adversaries “ATT&CK,” examines the sophisticated, state-sponsored and targeted eCrime attacks covered in the report and analyzes them using the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework. Using the MITRE framework is important because understanding emerging attacker trends is only the beginning — knowing what actions to take is the critical next step. The MITRE ATT&CK framework gives the industry a powerful common language to describe attacks, and more importantly, to identify today’s most crucial countermeasures.

In this webcast, MITRE’s John Wunder and CrowdStrike expert threat hunter Harlan Carvey will discuss some of the cases described in the OverWatch Mid-year Report, exploring the attacker trends observed in the wild and providing practical advice you can use to improve your security posture today.

Join this webcast to learn:

  • What the MITRE ATT&CK framework is and how it helps defenders understand and respond to new threats
  • The prevalent tactics and techniques used by adversaries in 2018 and the trends you can expect to continue
  • How to improve your organization's defenses by analyzing the steps successful enterprises take to ensure their security