Cloud Entitlements and Posture Management Trends

Managing Security Risks in Cloud-native Applications

Moving applications to the cloud comes with faster release cycles and broad internet exposure. However, those benefits also come with an increase in the number of potential security incidents caused by misconfigurations, including a high number of which are identity-related.

Security teams looking to reduce security risk are turning to cloud entitlement and security posture management solutions. Effectively managing cloud entitlements is critical to fortifying overall cloud security posture. In fact, 99% of survey respondents who had experienced a cloud security incident due to multiple misconfiguration admitted that compromised cloud credentials played some role in exposing their cloud environment.

Consider the trends in this report by Enterprise Strategy Group in your efforts to reduce security risk and scale cloud-native development:

  • Cloud adoption trends: security support and enablement requirements
  • CSPM and CIEM challenges around scale and efficiency
  • Staffing, skills, and organizational responsibility for CSPM and CIEM
  • CIEM challenges impacting security risk
  • Suggestions for using CSPM to scale security
  • Investment plans for CSPM and CIEM


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