e-Book: A Frictionless Zero Trust Approach to Stopping Insider Threats

Lots of people think of insider threat and immediately go to “data loss prevention” tools. But isn’t that locking the barn door after the horse is gone? With an analysis of user behaviour at the domain controller, you can spot malicious actors long before they go sifting through your shared databases and applications.

It’s important to have a strong endpoint security solution. But it’s just as important to safeguard and monitor internal threats and legitimate users doing illegitimate things. User behaviour tracking and lateral movement are key to the analysis of risk, especially privilege escalation.

This eBook describes:

  • Why insider threats go undetected so long, and how you can find them
  • The cost of a breach versus the cost of monitoring traffic in real-time (not just logs)
  • How to create network segments via identity and roles rather than just IP lists
  • Why end-user friction in identity and access management solutions matters
  • Zero Trust with Zero Friction means automating identity security in a way that doesn’t cost you money with a hundred password resets a day.

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