How Falcon Identity Protection Can Help Meet Your Compliance Goals

Identities are the new main target and as reported in the CrowdStrike 2022 Global Threat Report, attacks against identities are growing rapidly with a full 80% of breaches involving compromised credentials as they grant adversaries undetected access to move laterally and gain access to sensitive and private data.

With the recognition that identity is the main target for adversaries, regulatory bodies are passing standards and regulations to protect identities to reduce the risk of a breach that could lead to data loss, exfiltration, ransomware encryption and/or fraud. In addition to regulatory bodies, it is critical to obtain and maintain cyber insurance. Failing to comply can result in heavy fines not to mention damage to brand reputation.

Download this white paper to learn why compliance and certification frameworks are critical to your organization, and how CrowdStrike can help you meet these requirements, providing you with confidence for safe, smooth and compliant operation of your business.


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