Managed Threat Hunting and the Value of the 'Human Detection Engine'

CrowdStrike’s Jennifer Ayers on the Value of the 'Human Detection Engine'

Increasingly, threat hunting is a practice that enterprises want to understand and implement. But it is not always feasible to do so in-house, given the demand for resources and skills. That’s where managed threat hunting enters.

Companies want to be able to build out threat hunting practices, but in reality – with a limited budget – do you want to focus it on building out a threat hunting organization that might only find evil once or twice a year in your particular environment, or do you want to use that funding to shore up your defense and response to those types of attacks?

Download this podcast transcript which shares:

  • Expert advice on managed threat hunting practices
  • In-house vs. outsourced threat hunting
  • The latest threats and how to defend against them


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