The Impact of Securing Your Cloud Environment with Falcon Cloud Security

Today’s adversaries are growing faster and more sophisticated, as evidenced by their tactics in pursuing initial access, lateral movement, privilege escalation, defense evasion and sensitive data. 

Organizations implementing a comprehensive cloud security solution are more likely to protect against a growing range of fast and sophisticated threats targeting cloud environments — from development to runtime.

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Current customers are benefiting from: 

  • Acceleration of cloud threat detection and response: efficiently stop cloud breaches with accurate and complete detection and response
  • Consolidation of tools: leverage a CNAPP solution containing both agent-based and agentless detection and response
  • Improved understanding of your adversaries: pre-empt cloud breaches by knowing attackers’ motivations and techniques

See how you, too, can join our customers and experience the reduced complexity, hours saved and accelerated time-to-response delivered by Falcon Cloud Security.


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