Cloud Compromise Assessment

Uncover potentially malicious threat activity in your cloud environment and platforms.

Failure to detect malicious activity in your cloud environment places you at risk

Misconfigured cloud
security settings

Ineffective and misconfigured cloud security settings enable threat actors to gain access to your cloud platforms and operate undetected as they search for data and systems of value in your cloud environment.

Silent failure to detect
cloud data breaches

The “silent failure” of your current security technology to detect malicious activity in your cloud environment allows adversaries to gain access and move laterally across your cloud platforms and exfiltrate sensitive information.

Identify past or ongoing suspicious activities in cloud environment

Subsidiaries, legacy environments from acquisitions or older projects and other neglected cloud estates have proven themselves to be common sources of costly cloud data breaches. Gain peace of mind and empower your organization to contain and shut down ongoing cloud breaches with a cloud compromise assessment.

threat activity

Determine if there is current (or past) adversary activity within your cloud environment.

forensic evidence

Investigate evidence of a cloud data breach and data exfiltration.


Get prioritized findings and recommendations to help prevent future attacks.

Cloud Compromise Assessment

CrowdStrike Services delivers a one-time threat hunt across your cloud environment, leveraging the full power of the CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security platform to uncover cloud compromise activity and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

  • Collection of cloud configuration and cloud log information
  • Collection of identity and access information
  • Detailed analysis of cloud telemetry information
  • Investigation findings of potential compromise activity and evidence
  • Review of the active configuration for critical cloud security settings
  • Recommendations for remediation to prevent future cloud breaches

Why choose CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike brings the experience gained from building the world's largest cloud-native security cloud to help you identify cloud threats.

Cloud threat

CrowdStrike investigators leverage the extensive threat intelligence and indicators of attack (IOAs) gained from protecting millions of cloud workloads and containers across the globe.


CrowdStrike consultants leverage the full power of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform and Cloud Collector tools to gain visibility into threat actor activity in your cloud environment.


CrowdStrike consultants leverage indicators of misconfiguration (IOMs) identified by Falcon Cloud Security to detect ineffective cloud security settings and misconfigurations.