Unstoppable Innovations CrowdCast Series:
From Red-Hot Releases to Future Roadmap Session #3


Session #3: Consolidate Revolutionizing Cloud Security with the Industry’s Most Complete CNAPP

Cloud-conscious adversaries are relentlessly targeting the cloud and using increasingly sophisticated TTPs. CrowdStrike has introduced several enhancements to Falcon Cloud Security, including improved pre-runtime and runtime detections, enhanced application risk scoring, dynamic application inventory filtering and more. Join our expert product team as they take you through these developments and get an inside look at how each feature works to protect you against adversaries targeting the cloud.

What to expect:

  • A rollup of recent Falcon Cloud Security feature releases
  • In-depth product demos of the new features
  • An advance look at what’s coming next for Falcon Cloud Security, including highlights for the 2024 product roadmap

Missed any of the sessions in the three-part Unstoppable Innovations CrowdCast Series? You can still catch them on demand. Watch now!

Featured Speakers

Faraz Jamal

Director of Product, Cloud Security Posture, CrowdStrike

Faraz Jamal is the Director of Product at CrowdStrike for the Cloud Security Posture Management offering. Previously, Faraz spent many years covering products in the network security and identity and access management industries. Outside of work, Faraz’s passions include basketball, snowboarding, trekking and cooking!

Brett Shaw

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Cloud, CrowdStrike

Brett Shaw is a Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, at CrowdStrike, educating and training customers, partners and staff on solutions and technology integrations. Brett has over 10 years of experience in IT and security, helping professionals develop best practices with new technologies and industry trends.

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