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"CrowdStrike is an invaluable addition to our overall advanced malware/ransomware program. We had performed a proof of concept of all the other major vendors in this space and nothing came close to CrowdStrike for functionality and manageability/visibility."

Gartner Peer Insight Program Manager of Information Security and Compliance Large Retailer ($1B-$3B)

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Retail organizations: Caught in eCrime's crosshairs

Retailers face unique cybersecurity challenges because breaches can result in serious revenue loss and brand damage.

The rise of e-commerce has opened multiple avenues for retailers to attract new business across the globe but it has simultaneously made them more vulnerable to attacks. Retailers must secure their endpoints and customer data regardless of location — whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Cybercriminals have taken notice, targeting retail organizations of all sizes for their highly valuable customer data.


Protecting customer data around the globe

Retailers struggle to stop advanced attacks across on-premises, virtual and hybrid cloud environments.


Breaches cost retailers a third of their customers

Brand reputation, revenue, and customer loyalty are severely impacted by a cyber breach attack.


Effective compliance and risk management

Retailers are challenged by regulatory compliance requirements designed to manage the risks posed by advanced attacks.

“CrowdStrike really stood out against other solutions. We scaled the solution quickly and in just three months, had the whole deployment installed and working, identifying incidents in the environment and creating specific rules.” - Rodrigo Godoy, CISO Guararapes Group

Transforming retailer endpoint security

CrowdStrike has transformed retail endpoint protection with a unique cloud-delivered solution that detects, prevents and responds to targeted threats on any endpoint, while assisting retailers of all sizes with their critical regulatory compliance mandates.

How CrowdStrike Falcon protects a boutique retailer

SITUATION: 500 endpoints

PROBLEM: Agent bloat and poor system performance

SOLUTION: CrowdStrike Falcon platform’s complete protection suite and lightweight architecture reduced agent bloat and increased system performance


  • Better system performance with Falcon’s lightweight agent
  • Continuous protection with Falcon OverWatch™ 24x7 managed hunting
  • Single management console for streamlined security
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How CrowdStrike protects and guards a fortune 100 retailer

SITUATION: Over 100,000 endpoints across the globe

PROBLEM: Scalability and complexity issues impacted endpoint visibility

SOLUTION: CrowdStrike Falcon OverWatch and endpoint protection for enhanced security collaboration


  • Complete real-time and historical endpoint visibility
  • Rapid, effective endpoint deployment scalability
  • Reduced operational complexity
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“We have a partnership with CrowdStrike, not a relationship between client and supplier,” said Godoy. “Whatever we need, CrowdStrike is always there for us." - Rodrigo Godoy, CISO Guararapes Group

Key benefits

The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform brings comprehensive cloud-delivered endpoint protection to retailers
across all endpoints.


Complete, scalable endpoint protection

You can be confident that all endpoints are protected — across on-premises, virtual, or hybrid environments running Windows, MacOS, and Linux — whether you need to protect 10 or 10 million endpoints.


Regulatory compliance and event triage assistance

Fulfill key retail compliance initiatives, including PCI DSS v3.2 and, if needed, proactive services and incident response planning and remediation.


Expedited event remediation

Falcon inspects event information in real time to prevent, detect, respond to and mitigate attacks with speed and precision.

Regulatory compliance
& certification

CrowdStrike recognizes that regulatory compliance
is critical for retail organizations.

CrowdStrike Falcon
for retail FAQ

See how the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform
enhances your security expertise.

Augment your security team with CrowdStrike Services

CrowdStrike proactive services enhances your security team’s incident preparation and response capabilities. Retailers can rely on CrowdStrike Services to:

  • Immediately respond to a breach and stop critical data exfiltration
  • Assess and improve your organization’s security posture
  • Proactively prepare you to defend against advanced attacks
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