Jason Geffner

Jason Geffner

Jason Geffner is a world-renowned industry thought leader in the fields of computer security and reverse engineering. He joined CrowdStrike in 2012, where he performs in-depth reverse engineering of highly complex malware and exploits developed by nation-state adversaries and organized crime groups. Geffner holds several patents, is the inventor of many security products and has been invited to present numerous times at Black Hat, RSA Conference, CanSecWest, OWASP, REcon, ISOI, Lockdown, and other industry conferences. He has delivered training to the U.S. Air Force, Japan’s National Police Agency, and private industry and has been interviewed by c|net, PCWorld, Threatpost, Slashdot, ZDNet, and Dark Reading.

Articles from Jason

VENOM Vulnerability Details

VENOM Vulnerability Details

Recently, I discovered a vulnerability in QEMU's virtual Floppy Disk Controller (FDC), exploitation of which may allow malicious code inside…

Native Java Bytecode Debugging Without Source Code

Native Java Bytecode Debugging without Source Code

At CrowdStrike, we’ve seen a moderate increase in Java-based malware recently, with Remote Access Tools (RATs) like Adwind becoming increasingly…

Analysis Of A CVE-2013-3906 Exploit

Analysis of a CVE-2013-3906 Exploit

Many of CrowdStrike’s customers are often targeted by email phishing campaigns and strategic web compromises (also known as watering-hole attacks).…

Unpacking Dynamically Allocated Code

Unpacking Dynamically Allocated Code

BackgroundToday, most malware is obfuscated to make it more difficult for traditional antivirus engines to detect the malicious code and…

Streamlining The Reverse Engineering Process With CrowdRE

Streamlining the Reverse Engineering Process with CrowdRE

BackgroundAs is commonly known in the industry, and as evident from recent high-profile malware samples such as Stuxnet and Flame,…


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