Partner Program Terms


CrowdStrike is on a mission to stop breaches. We partner with incredible organizations to deliver world-class protection and we take this mission—and our reputation—seriously. These Standards reflect our expectation that CrowdStrike and our business partners will act in an ethical, courteous and responsible manner.

These Standards for Business Partners (“Standards”) include the fundamental expectations that CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“CrowdStrike”) has for its business partners.

  • CrowdStrike conducts business in many countries and is subject to different laws, customs, and practices, so we depend on our business partners to do business consistent with CrowdStrike’s ethical and compliance expectations.
  • These Standards should be viewed as the minimum standards that we expect from our business partners. They are not intended to reduce, replace, or limit any other legal or contractual obligations you have with CrowdStrike.
  • These Standards apply to all CrowdStrike business partners, including resellers, distributors, suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants, and anyone else conducting business with or on behalf of CrowdStrike.
  • Failure to comply with these Standards can result in consequences, up to and including termination of business with CrowdStrike.
  • We periodically update these Standards so check online for the most recent version.


Be Honest

  • Be upfront in your dealings with CrowdStrike, customers, and other third parties.
  • Ensure that communications are truthful, accurate, and are not misleading.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

  • Do not engage in dealings that are an actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • Disclose any potential conflict related to CrowdStrike business to your CrowdStrike business contact as soon as the issue becomes known.
  • Do not offer, provide, or solicit gifts or entertainment that might compromise a CrowdStrike employee’s judgment or independence. If a CrowdStrike employee requests such gifts please report it to CrowdStrike. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Cash, cash equivalents, such as gift cards, gifts or charitable contributions individually or cumulatively valued at more than $150 in any one year; and
    • Entertainment that is lavish or that takes place in a location inconsistent with CrowdStrike’s values.


  • You must understand and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and agreements, including those related to labor, employment, competition, immigration, health, safety, trade, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and the environment.
  • You must maintain and comply with licenses and permits required by applicable law.
  • CrowdStrike prohibits bribery, corruption, or unethical practices whether in dealings with public officials or individuals in the private sector.
  • You must comply with all applicable global anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, including the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Do not offer gifts, meals, or entertainment to CrowdStrike or other third parties in connection with CrowdStrike matters in order to improperly obtain or retain business or a business advantage.
  • Bribes and kickbacks to obtain or retain CrowdStrike business are strictly prohibited.
  • You must comply with all United States and any other applicable export laws and regulations governing the export or re-export of all CrowdStrike products or services.
  • The direct or indirect export, re-export, release, transfer, or sale of any CrowdStrike products or services into Cuba, Iran, Democratic Republic of Korea (aka North Korea), Sudan, Syria, or the Crimea Region of Ukraine (collectively, “Embargoed Countries”) is strictly prohibited.
  • You may not export, re-export, release, transfer, or sell any CrowdStrike products or services to any person or entity that is a national or resident of an Embargoed Country or that is on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s List of Specially Designated Nationals or the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Denied Persons and Entity Lists.


Uphold and Promote these Standards

  • Assess and understand your legal and compliance risks, including those relating to industry, geography, and workforce, to better understand what you need to do to uphold and promote these Standards.
  • Model and promote the values these Standards represent within your organization and to anyone else working on CrowdStrike matters.
  • Train your employees and agents on specific policies and procedures needed to uphold these Standards.
  • Maintain records and documentation sufficient to demonstrate compliance with these Standards and accurately reflect all matters related to your business with CrowdStrike.
  • Monitor your compliance with these Standards and the other legal and contractual obligations you have to CrowdStrike. 

Cooperate with CrowdStrike

  • Respond to inquiries and requests for information.
  • Participate in required audits.


  • You should conduct your business in full compliance with all applicable fair competition and antitrust laws.
  • When selling to public sector entities, you will support fair and open competition by complying with all laws and regulations related to government procurement, tenders, and bids.
  • You will not conspire with other business partners, including but not limited to, bid rigging, placing orders prior to tender finalization, price fixing, or other forms of collusion.


  • You will only use information technology and software that has been legitimately acquired and licensed.
  • The use and management of CrowdStrike’s proprietary or confidential information that is not generally known to the public is vital to the company’s competitive position and must be handled responsibly. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • Financial information or positioning
    • Information technology
    • Sales forecasts, marketing plans, or customer lists


  • CrowdStrike has a zero-tolerance policy for human rights offenses and we expect our business partners to feel the same way when it comes to protecting vulnerable workers.
  • You must follow all applicable laws and regulations relating to human rights violations such as human trafficking, child labor, forced or compulsory labor and involuntary prison labor.
  • All labor must be voluntary–slave, child, underage, forced, bonded, or indentured labor will not be tolerated.
  • Verify employee eligibility prior to employment.
  • We expect our business partners to respect employee rights relating to working hours and conditions, freedom of association, collective bargaining and the payment of fair compensation in line with local laws and regulations.
  • You are encouraged to provide wages that meet local industry standards.
  • You are encouraged to provide wages and benefits that are sufficient to meet workers’ basic needs and provide some discretionary income for workers and their families.
  • CrowdStrike thrives as a diverse, equal opportunity workplace and expects business partners to hold the same sentiment. Harassment and discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Take proactive measures to prevent workplace hazards.


  • CrowdStrike expects its business partners to share CrowdStrike’s commitment to the environment.
  • You must comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and keep current all required environmental registrations and permits relevant to your business.
  • CrowdStrike encourages its business partners to strive to create regenerative processes and minimize adverse effects on the community, environment, and natural resources while safeguarding the health and safety of the public.


  • You are expected to report to CrowdStrike conduct that violates the law, these Standards, or your other obligations to CrowdStrike.
  • You should provide a mechanism for employees to report concerns without fear of reprisal.
  • All reports are directed to CrowdStrike’s legal department, where they are referred for investigation and corrective action if so required.
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