Active Directory
Risk Review

Eight out of 10 attacks use stolen credentials. Understand how to protect your organization from identity-based threats with instant visibility into your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) hygiene.

Why it matters


Of breaches use compromised identities and can take up to 250 days to identify.


Of organizations experienced an AD attack in the last two years.


Of those attacks were successful because adversaries exploited weak AD hygiene.

How the Active Directory Risk Review helps


  • Visibility: Get instant understanding into your AD health, gaps, and any compromised credentials.
  • Insights: Understand the possible attack paths adversaries can exploit with expert advice on how to address them.
  • Knowledge: Learn how to protect your organization from modern identity-based attacks like ransomware and more.
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Previous results

  • A financial services organization:
    Had hundreds of accounts that hadn't been used for years and were never disabled.
  • A consumer technology company:
    Had 13 accounts with domain admin rights for the previous 19 months.
  • An insurance company:
    Had more than 30 accounts with compromised passwords.
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How it works

With a single sensor, we'll conduct a crawl to profile all AD entities in your organization and map them against a risk framework. This process takes an average of 24 hours. Once complete, our experts will schedule time to review the findings and organize an executive report.

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What to do after
the review

  • Use the report to prioritize actions and secure your Active Directory.
  • Explore automated detection and protection solutions with your CrowdStrike support team.
  • Enforce risk-based conditional access controls to automate the protection of your Active Directory.
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“The AD Risk Review was an eye-opener. It was incredibly helpful to have automated insights pointing us to our largest risks.”

- Active Directory Risk Review participant

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