Active Directory Security Assessment

The CrowdStrike® Active Directory Security Assessment is a unique offering designed to review Active Directory configuration and policy settings to assess security configuration issues attackers can leverage, and then recommend steps for mitigation and remediation.

The challenge

Simply put, Active Directory contains the “keys to the kingdom,” and if not well protected,
it will compromise your organization’s security.

Visibility and control

Many organizations lack good visibility and control of their Active Directory infrastructure, leaving them susceptible to attacks.

Weak policies

Poorly configured Active Directory policy settings expose your environment to potential threats.


Identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your Active Directory infrastructure is critical to your security.

The benefits of an Active Directory Security Assessment

  • Identify common attack vectors
    Identifies the most common and effective attack vectors and explains how best to detect, mitigate and prevent them
  • Customize to meet business needs
    Customizes Active Directory security best practices to align with business processes and requirements and minimize impact
  • Deliver a plan of action
    Delivers a plan of action that includes resolution and mitigation recommendations for the identified issues

What CrowdStrike delivers

The Active Directory Security Assessment involves review of documentation, discussions with staff, execution of proprietary tools and a manual review of your Active Directory configuration and settings. You receive a detailed report of the issues discovered and their impact along with recommended steps for mitigation and remediation.

  • Configuration visibility and management
    Performs an Active Directory forest and domain trust configuration and security review
  • Group policy and privilege controls
    Reviews Active Directory controls for administration groups and privileged access accounts
  • Recommendations and action plans
    Highlights Active Directory security misconfigurations and creates an action plan to remediate/mitigate any issues

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Why CrowdStrike?


The Active Directory security assessment tools and processes CrowdStrike uses were developed by Microsoft Certified Masters in Active Directory.

Action focused

CrowdStrike delivers a comprehensive, actionable security review that summarizes the critical items you need to address.

Best practices

CrowdStrike tools and processes are continuously assessed and refreshed to accommodate new attack approaches, best practices and published research.