Meet CrowdStrike’s Adversary of the Month for August: GOBLIN PANDA

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CrowdStrike® first observed GOBLIN PANDA activity in September 2013 when indicators of its activity were discovered on the network of a technology company operating in multiple sectors.

Malware variants primarily used by this actor include PlugX and HttpTunnel. This actor focuses a significant amount of its targeting activity on entities in Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam. Heavy activity was observed in the late spring and early summer of 2014 when tensions between China and other Southeast Asian nations were high, due to conflict over territory in the South China Sea. GOBLIN PANDA targets have been primarily observed in the defense, energy, and government sectors.

Last month, CrowdStrike Intelligence observed renewed activity from GOBLIN PANDA targeting Vietnam. As part of this campaign, new exploit documents were identified with Vietnamese-language lures and themes, as well as Vietnam-themed, adversary-controlled infrastructure.

Two exploit documents with Vietnamese-language file names were observed with file metadata unique to the GOBLIN PANDA adversary. Decoy content displayed in these incidents used Vietnamese-language Microsoft Office Word documents with training-related themes. These documents did not specifically reference Vietnamese government projects or departments, however they could still be directed towards Government of Vietnam personnel.

When opened, both documents use CVE-2012-0158 exploit code to drop malicious files associated with a previously identified side-loading malware implant, tracked as QCRat by CrowdStrike Falcon® Intelligence™.

Both exploit documents used a previously identified legitimate executable, and a side-loading implant Dynamic Link Library (DLL), as well as new implant configuration files stored as a .tlb file.

Analysis of command and control infrastructure suggests that GOBLIN PANDA is targeting entities in Laos, as well. CrowdStrike Intelligence has not directly observed Laotian targeting, and cannot confirm targets in Laos for this campaign, however, previous activity linked to GOBLIN PANDA has targeted this country.

Given major economic initiatives by China, such as the Belt and Road Initiative and continued dispute over the Paracel Islands, it is unlikely that GOBLIN PANDA will abandon efforts to collect intelligence from South East Asian neighbors and businesses operating in that region.

There are no known community or industry names associated with this actor.

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