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CrowdStrike provides comprehensive breach protection across private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, allowing customers to rapidly adopt and secure technology across any workloads. Customers can meet the shared responsibility model of cloud security while integrating with existing DevOps processes.

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CrowdStrike Falcon® has been designed and implemented from the ground up to leverage the power and scale of the cloud. For customers looking to secure their workloads hosted in public and hybrid cloud environments, CrowdStrike® Falcon Cloud Workload Protection provides comprehensive breach protection.

Workload Protection Platform

Falcon provides comprehensive visibility into workloads to enable threat detection, response and proactive threat hunting to secure your cloud environments through a shared responsibility model

Digital Software Procurement

CrowdStrike products are available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace for easy procurement, consolidated billing and low transaction costs

Key Cloud Service Integrations

Key cloud service integrations allow you to secure workloads at the speed of DevOps without sacrificing performance

Strong Partnerships

CrowdStrike has strong strategic partnerships with cloud providers and is an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Security Competency

CrowdStrike Cloud Partners

Public Cloud

Comprehensive breach protection for workloads running on AWS, in addition to key cloud integrations.

Secure workloads running on the GCP platform using Falcon agents for comprehensive breach protection. Deploy Falcon agents using OSConfig for automated workflows without impacting performance.

Why CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike has taken its knowledge and experience gained from building a highly scalable and powerful cloud-native platform, and used it to create products that are purpose-built to secure all cloud workloads, allowing customers to rapidly adopt and protect with minimum disruption.

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive visibility into workload events and instance metadata enables detection, response, proactive threat hunting and investigation, ensuring that nothing goes unseen in your cloud environments

Cloud Workload Discovery

Falcon offers insight into the scope and nature of public, hybrid and multi-cloud footprints so you can secure all workloads, uncover and mitigate risks, and reduce the attack surface

Seamless Cloud Support

Key integrations support continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows, allowing you to secure workloads at the speed of DevOps without sacrificing performance

The CrowdStrike Approach

A defining principle from the inception of the company was to leverage the cloud to deliver next-generation endpoint protection. Learn more about securing compute and container workloads at the speed of DevOps in this CrowdCast.

With Falcon, CrowdStrike created an entirely new cloud-based architecture, reducing overhead, friction and cost for customers while delivering the most comprehensive endpoint protection available today. Learn more about it here: A Proven Approach to Cloud Workload Security.

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  • Cloud-Delivered Platform

    Built in the cloud for the cloud, CrowdStrike protects cloud and hybrid workloads with unified management console, and provides customers with a seamless experience to better architect and manage their security stack

  • Third-Party Validated

    CrowdStrike is a security leader recognized by industry analysts such as Forrester, Gartner and IDC, as well as independent testing organizations like AV, SE Labs and MITRE

  • AWS Marketplace Presence

    CrowdStrike products are available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace for easy procurement and CrowdStrike is a recognized APN partner with AWS Security Competency

  • Rich Open API

    Powerful open APIs allow automation of CrowdStrike Falcon functionality, including detection, management, response and intelligence and development of cloud integrations that easily integrate into existing workflows

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