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This unique, cloud-based cybersecurity ecosystem reinvents enterprise security

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The CrowdStrike® Store is an enterprise marketplace where customers can discover, try, buy and deploy trusted partner applications that extend their investment in the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. The Store is organized into categories and solutions that customers can access, all within one unified, fully digital experience.

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Unlocking the Power of Falcon

Organizations are continually looking to cybersecurity providers and experts to address additional use cases to strengthen their security posture with an optimized security stack — and ultimately to stop breaches. But many challenges face those who are seeking to develop, deploy and sell new approaches.


A considerable investment of time and resources is required to build, deploy and scale infrastructure before being able to focus on innovative security solutions


Today’s security applications are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and require access to large amounts of high-quality data, while respecting privacy and compliance requirements


CrowdStrike provides the opportunity to efficiently market applications to a rich set of prospective customers, speed go-to-market and offer a seamless experience


To address their cybersecurity challenges, customers gain access to domain expertise, stretching across people, processes, technology and intelligence

CrowdStrike Partners

Cloud and Network Security
Threat Intelligence
Security and IT Ops

Advanced Threat Hunting/Deception

Generates a new stream of high-fidelity signals based on dynamic deception, to add to the detection and response capabilities of CrowdStrike and leverages the Falcon agent to deploy and manage breadcrumbs and bait on endpoints to track and stop adversary movements.

Application Allowlisting

Enables organizations to control the execution of files and scripts on an endpoint. and provides rich file visibility by collecting and building a centralized database of files seen within the environment, further enhanced by CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint telemetry.

Network Segmentation

Stop ransomware and malware propagation and attacker lateral movement by deploying allowlist Zero Trust policies, leveraging the rich endpoint telemetry from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

Cloud Detection and Response

With unified visibility across applications, users and data, security teams can quickly investigate breaches, uncover insider threats and harden the security of their cloud environments with no negative impact to production by correlating Falcon endpoint telemetry with Obsidian’s SaaS solution.

Email and Channel Security

Perception Point X-Ray ensures any malicious content that reaches a CrowdStrike Falcon managed endpoint does not spread beyond all content-exchange channels like email, collaboration, etc.

Application Analytics

Using advanced behavioral analytics to consume the data from existing Falcon managed endpoints, organizations can visualize their application flows and dependencies, automatically generate policy based on observed behavior, monitor for anomalies, investigate, and report in real time.

Threat Intelligence with DNS Dataset

DomainTools Iris Threat Intelligence delivers predictive risk assessments and DNS intelligence on the CrowdStrike Falcon platform and enables rapid in-context profiling of domain observables.

ICS/IOT Threat Detection

Gain visibility and early warning into industrial threats in industrial control system/operational technology (ICS/OT) environments by leveraging endpoint data collected by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform in IT environments, before threats can pivot into OT critical systems.

Autonomous Threat Hunting

Autonomous threat hunting solutions detect attacks that bypass existing controls in every environment. Leverage workload security telemetry collected by the Falcon platform to interconnect with other environments and conduct threat hunting across multiple attack surfaces, receiving data-proof attack findings.

Critical Infrastructure Threat Intelligence

OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud provides real-time hash, IP, and domain analysis and reports using advanced threat prevention, detection, and binary reputation technologies. CrowdStrike Falcon queries OPSWAT to contextually enrich threat detections for accelerated threat incident investigation and response.

Attack Surface Management

Automatically aggregate and correlate the most comprehensive internet data sets available with CrowdStrike Intelligence to quickly search for indicators of compromise (IOCs) or find suspicious activity observed on an endpoint and deliver insights about the ownership, use and activity of specific assets involved in an event or attack.

Digital Risk Protection

Extend CrowdStrike Falcon protection, visibility and threat intelligence to social media, mobile chat apps, and collaboration platforms and provide coordinated response across both virtual (digital) and physical endpoints.

Advanced Dark Web Threat Intelligence

The Cybersixgill and CrowdStrike integration makes it easy to gain deeper visibility and advanced context for IOCs from the deep and dark web — providing an enhanced level of detection and protection for your organization and its critical assets.

Endpoint Hardening

Enables Falcon administrators to quickly and proactively harden their endpoints by remediating vulnerabilities in addition to providing deep endpoint inventory, security configurations and scripting deployments.


Exabeam identifies anomalies to enable security teams to more efficiently detect, prioritize and investigate endpoint threats — leveraging Falcon endpoint telemetry to attribute endpoint activity to a user and establish a behavioral baseline for normal activity.

UEBA / Threat Hunting

ArcSight Intelligence’s behavioral analytics uses unsupervised machine learning and advanced analytics to analyze CrowdStrike data and detect signs of compromised accounts, lateral movement, internal reconnaissance, or data exfiltration quickly and effectively.

Vulnerability Risk Prioritization

Improve security posture with Unified VRM®️ as it continually ingests CrowdStrike Spotlight vulnerabilities, and enriches the data with aggregated threat intelligence and context from over 30 different sources to prioritize and accelerate vulnerability remediation.


InsightIDR - Rapid7's leading SaaS SIEM - leverages Falcon Insights’s enriched telemetry to unlock immediate endpoint visibility alongside user, network, cloud, and other security data for complete coverage.

Security Awareness

Security Advisor for CrowdStrike Store provides personalized and timely lessons by integrating with CrowdStrike to identify teachable moments for every employee based on their risk profile that can result in a 90% reduction in security incidents and malware detections.

Security Operations Platform

The Siemplify app combines security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) with context-driven case management, investigation, and machine learning to make your security operations smarter, more efficient and more effective.

Advanced Security Automation and Response

Tines is an automation platform that allows security teams to automate their repetitive workloads making them more effective and efficient.

Vulnerability Remediation Orchestration

Vulcan Cyber enables security teams to orchestrate vulnerability remediation with CrowdStrike endpoint protection to automate the enforcement of scan-to-fix cyber hygiene. Get exact priorities, remedies, insights and automation required to fix vulnerabilities at scale.

Why CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike is on a mission to revolutionize and accelerate how security applications are created, deployed and delivered to protect customers in the security industry.


CrowdStrike is recognized by customers, analysts and industry peers as redefining security for the cloud era with an endpoint protection platform built from the ground up to stop breaches


The cloud-native Falcon platform, powered by technology, intelligence and expertise, makes it possible for you to work with CrowdStrike to improve protection and truly stop breaches

Customer Base

Organizations around the world have turned to CrowdStrike to provide powerful, innovative defense against today's sophisticated attacks

The CrowdStrike Approach

The CrowdStrike Store is the first unified security cloud ecosystem of trusted applications, providing a strategic choice of app partners and security technologies managed by a single cloud platform, custom-built for the enterprise. It has spurred innovation with CrowdStrike partners by helping them:

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  • Time to Market

    Efficiently market your applications to an existing large base of Falcon customers through a unified management console. Provide customers with a seamless experience to better architect and manage their security stack.

  • Massive Data Set

    Use the CrowdStrike Threat Graph® to get access to petabytes of real-time and historical data enriched with context to solve security and compliance challenges and provide differentiated products.

  • Time to Value

    Improve business opportunities by bringing innovation and new product capabilities to market faster, without investing the time and money needed to build, maintain and support additional agents and web-scale cloud platforms.

  • Rich Resources

    As a CrowdStrike Store Partner, you have access to many development and support resources that enable you to develop, test and validate your applications, serve your customers efficiently and accelerate customer adoption.

What CrowdStrike Partners Say

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“Today’s dynamic IT environments require security teams to have 360-degree visibility and monitoring of their attack surface. RiskIQ and CrowdStrike have partnered to leverage the power of the cloud to deliver unmatched insight and protection inside and outside the firewall.”

— Lou Manousos, CEO

“We have partnered with CrowdStrike to reduce time to remediation of discovered vulnerabilities and lower the overall impact on organizations.”

— Bryan Gale, , Chief Product Officer

“We are excited to be a part of the CrowdStrike Store to allow customers to quickly spin up an Exabeam instance using real CrowdStrike data and avoid the need for a lengthy deployment.”

— Nir Polak, Chief Executive Officer

“Together, Dragos and CrowdStrike offer organizations an unparalleled ability to detect and respond to threats across both the enterprise and industrial environments. ”

— Robert M.Lee, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

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