Spectra Alliance: A Strategic Approach to Zero Trust Security

A comprehensive, integrated security solution from CrowdStrike, Netskope, Okta and Proofpoint to improve your organization’s security posture as you advance your digital transformation journey.

The Challenge



Hybrid operating environments with increased cloud use and remote access create visibility challenges for IT and security teams, making threat and data protection, investigation and remediation difficult.



In the work-from-anywhere model, modern workforce require different access to applications and sensitive data and require new data protection and management strategies, not offered by legacy and perimeter defenses.


Siloed Security Solutions

Organizations have siloed security solutions deployed in their IT and security stack which creates challenges when they lacking integrated cloud, endpoint, workload, data, and identity security



The threat landscape is more sophisticated with attacks on identity and data calling for advanced prevention and detection solutions to protect organizations from these advanced threats.

The Solution

In partnership, CrowdStrike, Netskope, Okta, and Proofpoint created a first-of-its-kind integrated solution stack to help organizations accelerate their Zero Trust journey and manage their hybrid work environments. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged IT and security teams to keep remote workforce productive, maintain business continuity and support uninterrupted compliance by protecting data no matter where it is or goes.

Today, as organizations take steps to adopt a Zero Trust framework, they face many technical decisions. Spectra Alliance brings together a best-of-breed, integrated solution that minimizes complexity and risk exposure, providing a simplified, flexible interoperable architecture that decreases operational costs, and most importantly increases your Zero Trust security posture.

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Together, CrowdStrike, Netskope, Okta and Proofpoint enable you to:

  • Protect Users
    Protect users, data, endpoints, and applications across the enterprise without disrupting enterprise workflows
  • Control Access
    Establish Zero Trust security with strong visibility and control across on premise and multi-cloud environments
  • Harden Endpoints
    Harden defenses against today’s sophisticated attacks with interoperability and automation across platforms
  • Aggregate Data
    Aggregate shared data across partners for instrumenting contextual adaptive policies and reducing risk of exposure to critical business assets

How It Works

The Spectra Alliance was created to help organizations accelerate their journeys to zero trust:

  • CrowdStrike provides endpoint and workload security, cloud security, security operations, threat intelligence, and identity threat detection.
  • Okta provides cloud workforce identity, cloud customer identity, access management, and adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Netskope provides web gateway, cloud access security broker, and zero-trust network access security as a service.
  • Proofpoint provides cloud security, information protection, and email security.


The alliances strives to help organizations with these benefits:

  • Customizability
    Works for both distributed and office scenarios, with no rip-and-replace requirements regardless of which endpoints, workloads, users, networks or applications are used or where they are located
  • Reduced Complexity and Risk
    Helps reduce complexity and risk exposure through pre-integrations and frictionless deployments
  • Comprehensive Protection
    Achieve cost and operational efficiency to achieve Zero Trust security rather than struggling with unknown financial, staff resource requirements and longer-term operations and management decisions


Scoping zero trust involves six elements: identities, devices, applications, data, networks, and infrastructure. Spectra features to achieve zero trust outcomes:

  • Interoperable Architecture
    Simplified, highly interoperable architecture to help achieve a Zero Trust framework — plug-and-play integrations from best-of-breed cybersecurity vendors future-proof your investment
  • Operational Efficiency
    Comprehensive protection against modern and evolving threats to multiple attack vectors by securing all hardware (laptops, mobiles, servers, IoT) and digital assets (users accounts, certificates, applications and data)
  • Layered Defense
    Layered defense in depth that enable achieve security outcomes with change in processes and policies that span across the six elements: identities, devices, applications, data, networks and infrastructures