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CrowdStrike + Preempt Security FAQ

Zero trust security with an identity-centric approach to real-time threat detection

What did CrowdStrike just announce?

CrowdStrike announced it has agreed to acquire Preempt Security, a leader in Zero Trust identity hygiene and security. Preempt delivers a modern approach to securing identity with their patented Conditional Access technology, helping customers preempt security threats in real-time based on identity, behavior and risk.

Why is CrowdStrike Acquiring Preempt Security?

CrowdStrike is redefining security for the cloud era with an endpoint and cloud workload protection platform built from the ground up to stop breaches. With Preempt’s identity-based risk analysis we can enforce Zero Trust security right from the endpoint. Preempt will also bring us even deeper insight and visibility into authentication and user access activity so CrowdStrike can detect and prevent actors from compromising and abusing privileged accounts on managed and unmanaged devices.

Who is Preempt Security?

Founded in 2014 to deliver a modern approach to authentication and securing identity, Preempt provides the market’s first Zero Trust and Conditional Access solution for continuously detecting and preempting threats based on identity, behavior and risk. Preempt’s patented technology empowers enterprises to optimize identity hygiene and stop attackers and insider threats in real-time before they can impact business.

What does it mean for CrowdStrike customers?

Identity-based attacks play a critical role in most intrusions, as highlighted in the latest CrowdStrike Services Cyber Front Lines Report. With the addition of Preempt Security’s capabilities, we expect that the CrowdStrike Falcon platform will provide enhanced protection against identity-based attacks and insider threats, and the ability to automatically discover users, privileges, accounts, and devices across customers’ environments that can help improve identity security hygiene.

Furthermore, combining workload security with identity protection is foundational for establishing true Zero Trust environments, and critical for accelerating digital transformation. With the acquisition of Preempt, our customers will benefit from end-to-end visibility and enforcement on identity data together with our existing workload protection and visibility.

When will Preempt data and functionality be incorporated into the Falcon platform?

CrowdStrike will provide more information about features and functionality within the Falcon platform as they become available.

Where can I learn more about Preempt?

Visit their website at: www.preempt.com