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Host-Based Process Inspection

  • MD5 334B9BF33CE1B1E9899B179397094627

  • SHA1 0C1D6EF4354A5B9E0B4D9E3DFFB3C108FDDFE418

  • SHA256 0FAA2360D6D14BB83EF45545825F52F382D6D47BF1D168495ED207A359DCD4B8


  • MD5 38AC17757EB710350FF389FAB43D6900

  • SHA1 77B7D727691AB2EBE70A6ABE4534840C54D19B69

  • SHA256 ADCAF4BFD954F46D05C3F9DBF9A1A057B28D8870B7C54C30455D2742C0AF0F71

CrowdInspect. Version

CrowdInspect now analyzes all processes, not just those communicating over the network.
Uncheck the TCP and UDP buttons to see only those processes not communicating on the network.
Bug fixes, including better parsing of VirtusTotal results.

CrowdInspect is a free community for Microsoft Windows systems that is aimed to help alert you to the presence of potential malware on your computer that may be communicating over the network. It is a host-based process inspection tool utilizing multiple sources of information to detect untrusted or malicious network-active process. The tool is leveraging intelligence from VirusTotal, Web of Trust (WoT), and Team Cymru’s Malware Hash Registry.

Supported Operating Systems:

The tool runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows from XP and above.


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