Cloud Security Services

Fortify the security posture of your cloud platforms and respond with authority to cloud data breaches.

Adversaries are more cloud-conscious than many of their victims

Adversaries are actively exploiting misconfigurations in cloud security controls – the root cause of many breaches including data loss and destructive attacks – and aggressively demonstrating greater familiarity with cloud capabilities than many of their victim organizations.

Adversaries have their heads in the clouds

Adversaries are actively looking to exploit ineffective and misconfigured cloud security settings, which are the root cause of many cloud data breaches

Identify cloud security misconfigurations

Evaluate key areas of your cloud security platforms, controls and processes to identify misconfigured and ineffective cloud security settings.

Hunt for malicious threat activity in your cloud

Execute a one-time threat hunt to determine if your cloud environment has been compromised and a threat actor is hiding in your cloud platforms.

Respond to a
cloud data breach

Accelerate the investigation and triage of a cloud security incident and contain the active threat from further malicious activity.

Are you experiencing a breach of your cloud platform?

CrowdStrike’s Services team will help your organization quickly establish visibility of attacker activity, work with your team to contain the breach, and get you back to business faster.

Contact our Breach Hotline

CrowdStrike Cloud Security Services

Our services help you respond to breaches in your cloud environment, enhance the security posture of your cloud infrastructure, prepare for advanced attacks on your cloud resources, and operationalize your CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security solution.

CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security

Stop cloud breaches with unified cloud security posture management and breach prevention.

Our Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provides advanced cloud-native application security — including breach prevention, workload protection, and cloud security posture management — in one unified solution.

  • Cloud workload protection
  • Container security and runtime protection
  • Cloud security posture management
  • Cloud infrastructure entitlement management
  • Cloud security managed detection and response

Operational Support Services
for Falcon Cloud Security

Accelerate the deployment and operationalization of your Falcon Cloud Security solution with support from our platform experts.

Red Team / Blue Team Exercise
for Cloud

Test your cloud defenses against the latest threats and prepare your team to defend against a targeted attack on your cloud environment.

CrowdStrike University: Learn how to protect your cloud environment

CrowdStrike customers have access to a rich library of eLearning and Instructor-led training courses on cloud security.

  • Falcon Cloud Security Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Determining Asset Inventory and Coverage
  • Finding Risky Misconfigurations and Behaviors in Your Cloud Environment and Their Remediations
  • Maintaining Security During the Entire Application Development Lifecycle
  • Setting Up Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) with Falcon Cloud Security
  • Creating and Managing Falcon Cloud Security Policies to Mitigate and Prevent Risks
  • Operationalizing Falcon Cloud Security with Reports, APIs, Automations and Workflows