Outpacing Threats in the Cloud


Cloud detection and response streamlined

Last year, cloud intrusions surged by 75% due to escalating activity by cloud-conscious adversaries like FANCY BEAR, SCATTERED SPIDER and LABYRINTH CHOLLIMA.1 This webinar exposes their tactics and shows how these adversaries infiltrate and exploit cloud environments. Discover how advanced cloud detection and response (CDR) capabilities can keep you one step ahead of these threats.

Join us to explore:

  • The evolving cloud threat landscape: Understand the latest trends in how adversaries target cloud infrastructures and the methods they use to exploit vulnerabilities.
  • Best practices for cloud detection and response: Learn actionable strategies and best practices to enhance your cloud security posture, improve detection capabilities, and ensure a rapid response to potential threats.
  • In-depth demo of advanced CDR: See how CrowdStrike CDR prioritizes detections in real time so you can respond faster to cloud threats.

1CrowdStrike 2024 Global Threat Report

Featured Speakers

Jay Flora

Sr. Technical Marketing Manager

Jay Flora is a Sr. Technical Marketing Manager at CrowdStrike, contributing his technical knowledge to marketing campaigns and products, collaborating with sales teams to develop marketing materials, providing sales teams and clients with technical product support, and participating in product demonstrations.

Brett Shaw

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Brett Shaw is a Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, at CrowdStrike, educating and training customers, partners and staff on solutions and technology integrations. Brett has over 10 years of experience in IT and security, helping professionals develop best practices with new technologies and industry trends.

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