Remitly Case Study

Remitly, a leading digital financial services provider for immigrants and their families in over 135 countries around the world, uses CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale to ingest and examine massive volumes of streaming log data from a variety of different sources at scale. Falcon LogScale improves DevOps and SecOps observability, helping the financial services firm increase insights and make faster, better-informed decisions while reducing TCO.

Remitly wanted to ingest logs from all of its IT equipment and services. The incumbent open-source solution was too costly and complicated to handle this scale of data ingestion. The company wanted a commercial solution to simplify operations, increase adoption and keep pace with change.

“Thanks to Falcon LogScale, we’re able to transform about 40% of our raw data into meaningful information that delivers value to the business.” –Brandon Helms, Security Engineering Manager, Remitly


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